The company community platform
with ZEP, Samyang World ✨

How are companies introducing new businesses these days?

Let’s take a look at Samyang Group’s Samyang World,
which is emerging as a great example in this field! 😎

They made a ZEP space that can communicate with both customers and employees.

It is being carried out in a very different way!

Integration of communication communities
in the company! πŸ“’

Through the Samyang World ZEP space,
Samyang Group integrated the communication
between employees and customers.😲

Since the ZEP connected both inside and outside the company,
it became easier to share information
and communicate among stakeholders.

It is not the simple communication community!
Various events, job presentations, and Samyang Seeds’s starting ceremonies
were held in this platform. 😊

Experience Samyang with
amazing realization πŸ–₯

Samyang World shows outstanding implementation
beyond reality and the metaverse! 🀩

You can experience the map through the website,
and you can directly experience Samyang Group’s
products, brands, and buildings.

The pictures above are various maps in Samyang World! 😊

Main Island which has Samyang Jongno Headquarters
and Pangyo Discovery Center is centered.
It’s surrounded by the food, packaging, chemicals, medicine,
bio, and other business sectors Islands! 🏝

If you enter the building with the initial alphabet shape,
you will led to a public relations center for each business division.
The object where you can see promotional materials,
videos, and related links are installed. βš™

This can provide an impressive experience
for both customers and employees.
As a result, they can enhance
the image and branding of Samyang Group! πŸ₯ΉπŸ‘

Fun communication! πŸ‘©β€πŸ’»πŸ§‘β€πŸ’»

Samyang World emphasizes fun communication, not hard and boring! 😁
It offers a variety of activities such as events, games, and performances
to give users a pleasant experience.

Thanks to this community platform,
customers and employees can create a good corporate culture.
It offers a variety of activities such as events, games,
and performances to give users a pleasant experience.

The photo above is of an event called
<100 people’s challenge> held in Samyang World! πŸ₯³
It was an event for Samyang Group executives and employees,
which gained huge popularity among employees.

It built a new corporate culture by utilizing the platform to suit
the atmosphere of the company, so executives and employees could
interact more positively with the company
and increase loyalty to the company!😊

Samyang Group’s Samyang World is a unique company community platform
that allows customers to communicate naturally. πŸ™ŒπŸ€—
They are successfully bringing both customers and employees
with amazing reality implementation ZEP space!

This approach will contribute to improving the brand image of the company,
increasing customer loyalty, and will have a good influence
on the company in the future! πŸ’œ

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