⚾ Do You Want To Be A Sports Trend Setter?

How to become a sports trend setter with ZEP.

People’s interest in sports become more active these days.
And there is also an Asian Games now.

To watch these sports games, you must go directly to the stadium in person.
So, it’s difficult to watch the game in person
due to time and space constraints.

Then, are there any alternatives
that can overcome these problems?

The answer is using ZEP!
You can make a space for your sports fans through ZEP!

👉 ZEP, brings different people together in one space!

With ZEP, you can bring different people together in a space only for them.
And through this, you can provide a space and bond for them
to communicate with each other easily.

1️⃣ Anyone can create a space in 2 clicks

So you can easily provide a map for your sports team fans
and sports trend setters.

2️⃣ You can reflect the characteristics of your favorite player through avatar customization.

And this creates a stong sense of belonging
by giving the feeling of cheering for the same team.

3️⃣ Two-way communication between sports fans is possible

Try to use real-time streaming and video conferencing features
for more fun and exciting events.

🖼️ Lotte Giant creates a space for their fans by replicating the actual stadium at ZEP

Lotte Giant, Korea’s representative professional baseball team,
made their stadium in ZEP.

They created a main stadium, a T-ball ground, and a photo zone
to provide their sports fans with the feeling of being at the actual site! 👍

Additionally, when their sports fans use the purchase portal at the ticket booth,
it leads to the actual ticket purchase site!

So, their fans can buy tickets quickly and easily.

Furthermore, they also made Lotte Giant Tower. 🗼
Using various objects in ZEP,
a lot of sports trend setters can use a guestbook 📖,
cheering bulletin board 🪧, game zone 🕹️, etc.

Therefore they can get information related to the history of Lotte Giant
in a fun and not boring way.

✨ Other features of ZEP that can make sports fans excited

ZEP can accommodate up to 150,000 people,
enabling communication with many people.

It also provides a real-time streaming function
so they can watch the game in space
without having to go to the real stadium.

Let’s explore the Lotte Stadium space now!
When you enter the stadium on the space,
you will see an electronic display board.

If you connect the live streaming to the board in the stadium
and show sports games to sports fans,
you can give them the feeling of being in the stands and watching the game.

At this time, if you connect the streaming link to your YouTube channel,
you can also expect corporate promotional effects.

And while the game is in progress,
spectators can use non-verbal expressions such as clapping and dancing. 👏

So they can check each other’s expressions immediately on the spot
through two-way communication.

Do you want to be a sports trend setter?
Or do you want to provide unique experience

to your fans?
Then try ZEP!


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