✍🏻 How Genie Focuses on Consumer Passions ‘Subculture’ with ZEP

🎯 Focus on the Passion Points of Consumer

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Subcultures in the realm of entertainment encompass a wide range of niche interests and communities that thrive within the broader entertainment industry. K-Drama and K-Pop Enthusiasts, Gaming Subcultures, Anime and Manga Fandom can be examples of subcultures in it. They are ‘passionate‘ to something.

The thing is : Businesses should target this.

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This subculture fandom has become a large and major consumer, so for lots of brands and businesses, building stronger bonds within subculturers became a big deal.

And guess what?
ZEP is the perfect tool for making it happen.

Let’s dive into an example of how ZEP has brought K-drama fandoms closer together.

🏢 Create Woo-young-woo World

image 74
image 77

KT Studio Genie host an event for big fans of k drama :Extraordinary Attorney Woo.
It implemented key settings from the drama in ZEP.

image 78
image 80

Users can stroll through the attorney’s office, grab a bite at the Gim-bap restaurant, explore the law firm building, and even visit a house filled with a charming collection of whale-themed items.

image 79

Imagine stepping into the captivating world of your favorite drama 📺, right from your own computer.

This dream has become a delightful reality.

🎮 Game-Like Interaction

✅ Drama OX Quiz

image 75

✅ Word Quiz

image 76

In Woo young woo world, users are able to enjoy interesting games. There were quiz events and word games to match the contents of the drama.

Fans weren’t just passive spectators; they were active participants in various events and activities. It’s all about engaging and connecting with the fan community in a fun and friendly way.

KT Studio Genie’s innovative use of ZEP in the metaverse has taken fandom to a whole new level. It’s not just about watching one’s favorite drama’s advertisement; it’s about living it, sharing it with fellow fans, and being part of an exciting, friendly community.

When your business incorporates elements that resonate with various subcultures, it can access niche markets and draw in a diverse array of individuals. ZEP can play a pivotal role in fostering subcultures within your business.

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