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Challenges of Face-to-Face Counseling😮‍💨

대면상담 어려움 비대면상담 비대면 상담 장점 대면 상담 솔직한 상담 편안한 상담 상담실 ZEP 학교

Face-to-face counseling comes with a few challenges, starting with the limitations of time and location ⌛. Since face-to-face counseling must be conducted at a specific place and time, it might be difficult to balance with everyday life. Additionally, the requirement to show your face 🗣️ can make it hard for some to speak honestly when they have to look the other person in the eyes. To overcome these challenges, why not try counseling with ZEP?


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💜 ZEP Counseling Room Overcoming the Limits of Face-to-Face Counseling

솔직한 상담 편안한 상담 긴장푸는 방법 상담 꿀팁 비대면 상담 온라인 상담 학교 상담실 위클래스 익명 상담 고민 상담

Counseling with ZEP allows you to receive counseling simply by clicking a link, all from the comfort of your own environment. By maintaining anonymity and not showing your face, but instead using an avatar, you can honestly express your emotions and experiences. Counseling with an avatar can give you a feeling similar to that of real face-to-face counseling! Additionally, it’s easy to use, allowing anyone from children to adults to easily access the ‘ZEP Counseling Room‘.😊

🏥 Kyung Hee Medical Center ZEP Health Counseling Center

경희의료원 메타버스 경희의료원 온라인 상담 경희의료원 온라인 진료 경희의료원 건강상담센터 건강 상담 경희의료원 위치 메타버스 건강상담 건강 상식

The ‘Kyung Hee Medical Center ZEP Health Counseling Center’ not only offers health counseling but also various educational programs and events! Up to 150,000 people can connect simultaneously, and because the connection method is simple, counseling using ZEP has been conducted. Specifically, Kyung Hee Medical Center’s Director of Public Relations, Choi Seok-geun (Head of Neurosurgery), stated, “The Metaverse ZEP platform is simple to connect to, making it easier for even middle-aged and elderly groups to participate, which is very pleasing.” At the ZEP Health Counseling Center, health counseling was provided to those who had concerns, anxieties, or difficulties regarding their health, along with a space to offer health-related information!

🏠 Gimhae City Emergency Escape Counseling Land

The ZEP Counseling Room, provided for free to the youth generation of Gimhae City, offered support from experts through individual or group counseling in various fields such as emotions, career paths, and finance. In addition, the ZEP Counseling Room also offered a variety of programs such as policies, consulting, and special lectures, leading to positive responses from the younger generation👏. Because it’s easy to access through a link, the youth generation could easily and enjoyably receive professional help for various issues.

Worried about who might hear your counseling session?

Inside the ZEP space, you can use the private space feature, allowing you to designate a certain area as a private space. Within this space, only those present can activate their cameras and audio🤫. Thus, even if multiple people are connected to the space, only those who enter the counseling room or sit at the table can conduct their counseling privately, ensuring you can have an honest conversation with peace of mind.😉

🏫 Korean Psychological Association ZEP Counseling Room

The ‘ZEP Counseling Room‘, designed using colors like green, beige, and pink to create a warm and comfortable atmosphere, features a fountain at the entrance and a map for guidance, allowing access to each space.

편안한 상담 분위기 솔직한 상담 익명성 보장 비밀 보장 비대면 상담 온라인 상담 일상회복 건강검진 정신건강

🔹The ‘Daily Recovery Information Space‘ offers a variety of psychological content to aid in daily recovery. You can explore a psychological testing room to check your state of depression and anxiety, and a room for mental stabilization using videos, among other content! Approaching an object and pressing the F key on your keyboard opens a new popup. By linking images, videos, websites, etc. 🔗 in advance, you can provide information in various forms when people approach the object👍.

🔹The ‘Psychology Talk Concert Hall‘ hosted various events such as psychological education, talk concerts, and workshops! Use the screen sharing feature ⚙️ to conduct educational and lecture events. For smooth event operation, only the speaker on the stage is allowed to use audio🎤.

🔹Lastly, the ‘Psychological Counseling Room‘ is a place for psychological counseling. This space is equipped with a lock feature that requires a password for entry, ensuring confidentiality during counseling🤫.

How to Make Counseling Less Daunting!

⌛ Without the constraints of time and space, in your most comfortable time and place,

🤫 With complete anonymity and confidentiality, for an honest conversation,

🗣️ Reduce the burden of counseling and create a comfortable counseling environment!

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