Exploring world with ZEP!
No more photos, teacher πŸ™…

When it comes to educating students,
visual materials have some limitations. 😒

1️⃣ Difficult to attract students’ attention.

2️⃣ Unilateral information delivery.

3️⃣ Standardized content.

But what if ZEP can provide the digital space?

It can provide students immersive education ❗

✨ Shall we explore the world on a virtual plane?

ZEP can provide the same feeling as traveling abroad.

Places like Japan and England which can be reached by sea have made to travel by boat. πŸ›³οΈ
Russia, which has a trans-Siberian railway, has made space to travel by train.🚈
This can increase students’ immersion!

The way exploring the world

Feel free to choose your destination by writing down the information
such as the name of the country, or capital city using the travel portal.

βœ” ️
You can actively conduct education in capital cities and major cities
in many countries around the world.

βœ” ️
Students can easily associate with the knowledge
so that it can increase the learning effect.

✨ This time,
shall we explore France, Paris
to see the Eiffel Tower?

Build representative historical heritage, nature,
cultural heritage and more in each region.
Then, you can express distinctive culture
or representative food through avatars and objects.

For example, in the case of Korea, Gyeongbokgung Palace
and Four Great Gate can be implemented.

And also, the market which sales Bibimbap and Tteokbokki
can be expressed through ZEP space.

πŸ’œ Through this, you can educate about each country’s attractions,
culture, natural environment, etc.

😎 TIPs from the author 😎

Put ️lecture materials or websites into objects
so that information can appear on landmarks or cultures
when avatars approach them.

Use ️OX quizzes and room escape games.
If then, students can learn information while experiencing it.
And through this, you can create a fun and useful educational environment!

✨ Teacher, I want to take this class

By utilizing ZEP,
you can overcome the limitations of classic teaching methods
and conduct higher-quality education.

Bring the offline environment in the online!
Give students a feeling of being in the actual place,
which can increase concentration and immersion.

βœ” ️
Using objects and mini-games!
Students can experience themselves
and find answers actively based on their interests.

Do you want to conduct an education that captivates students?


Another example of utilizing ZEP

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