How to give information to donors smartly? UNICEF did it!

Companies and organizations from various fields are joining ZEP.
Among them, one thing to note today is that
the UNICEF sponsorship event was held in ZEP!
Are you still unfamiliar with the online sponsorship event?
Then, let’s dive into the UNICEF Sponsor Participation Event🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️

UNICEF Sponsor Participation Event

The UNICEF Sponsor Participation Event was held to give the process of delivering donations for Ukraine vividly to donors.
They can naturally learn the sponsorship process through motion, image and video content, and games.

☑ Hello donors! IN FRONT OF THE PLANE ✈

The donor’s journey has begun! If you go near the avatar, you can learn how to start this journey.


This is the screen when you board the plane.
It’s inducing users to approach through exclamation points! 

When a user approaches each avatar,
a speech bubble appears to give information about the sponsor to them.

They also provide information on the local situation in Ukraine through videos.
Therefore, the long flight time isn’t boring.

☑Arrive at the distribution center 🏢

This space is the distribution center.
You can tell that the avatar was changed to a distribution center employee.

☑ Donors! How about solve this OX Quiz? 🧐

They give OX quizzes about UNICEF to provide information about the organization and increase credibility.
If you answer wrong, they give the correct answer to the sponsor!

☑ Finding emergency relief supplies 🔍

The distribution center also has a game to find four emergency relief items📦 to deliver to Ukrainian citizens.
It requests to find blankets, drinking water sanitizer, study kits, and psychotherapy kits!

In the process of acquiring emergency relief goods to avoid moving monsters,
sponsors naturally learn what emergency relief goods are and why they are needed.

If you hit a monster like this, it slows down! Be careful 👿

☑ Loading 🚛

Get ready to go to the relief site by carrying emergency relief supplies by forklift.

☑ Arrived at the relief site ⛺

Finally arrived at the Ukrainian relief site. You can hear the story of Ukrainian refugees here. 👥

Don’t forget to deliver relief supplies to the Blue Dot Center, either!
It offers safe spaces, immediate support, and services to all persons, women, men, and children of all nationalities fleeing from Ukraine.
The staff avatars are explaining about it!

✅ Event participation zone 🎊 Thank you donors!

After delivering relief, you can finally move to the Participation Zone.
Therefore, paricipants can listen to UNICEF stories and participate in events related to the name of UNICEF.
You can also go to the Ukraine Emergency Relief Products Campaign website!

Like these processes, donors can naturally learn about
donated travel from Korea to Ukraine.
Why don’t you utilize ZEP to give information uniquely?


👇Another example of utilizing ZEP👇

follow this link!

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