“Metaverse travel” to the
Korean Southern Sea

Do you want to see beautiful scenery of Korea?
Or, do you want to do a sightseeing at your home?

Here is a good news for you!
There is a metaverse world to experiencing Korea!
Have you ever imagined planting trees
in the metaverse world?

In 2022, the Korean Southern Sea ‘Namhae’
held a metaverse event using ZEP!
It is called ‘I’m Your Tree,’ where you can tour the Korean South Sea
and participate in planting tree events.

Shall we go and see this creative event? ✨😎

An admission map

First, you can see the bus if you join this map. 🚍
This bus will take you to the Korean Southern Sea ‘Namhae.’ 🤩

To take this bus, you’ll need to write down a preparation of admission list.
After this, you can get a secret number to enter this map! 🧐
This can allow you to enter the map and planting trees.

Main map

Now you enter the main space!
You can tour the Namhae through this map.

If you click the specific site, you can see the real picture of this place!
Don’t they look almost the same?! Unbelievable!

Also, you can get the supplies that needed to plant trees.

Tree planting zone

Finally, you find this zone!
In this space, you can plant your own trees.

Namhae used ZEP to plant trees.
By utilizing ZEP, they could also be promoted as tourist cities.

Are you interested in this article?
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Another example of traveling Korea by ZEP

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