Reasons to Recommend ZEP for Your Remote Office🏢, Education🏫, and Events🎪

Reasons to Recommend ZEP for Your Remote Office🏢, Education🏫, and Events🎪

The world is shifting towards remote spaces after the pandemic!

Consequently, many offices have moved to remote working, and education and events are also being effectively operated using remote spaces!

Why Businesses and the Educational Sector are Paying Attention to ZEP

1️⃣ Communication Beyond Time and Space Constraints

By using ZEP to set up an office or to conduct education and events, you break free from the constraints of time and space, making communication possible with anyone, anywhere in the world. Being able to participate in office activities and join education or events regardless of where you are is truly appealing, isn’t it?

2️⃣ Cost Reduction Effect

What if we were to set up a space offline? First, we need to rent a place and set up a system suitable for each environment. For example, tables, chairs, sound systems, etc. Additionally, participants need to be brought to the space. This would involve transportation and accommodation expenses. Beyond these, the costs of infrastructure and resources can add up, but with ZEP, these costs can be significantly reduced! With its scalability and cost-saving benefits, aren’t you curious if ZEP is the right choice for you? Let’s analyze ZEP for offices, education, and events!

Looking to Build an Office Space?

The remote working culture continues even after the pandemic,

and through ZEP, you can work more efficiently from home!

ZEP offers private spaces, an office people list, townhall meetings with all members, shared schedule setting, and meeting rooms with participant integration, totaling 4 features.

✅ZEP’s 4 Key Features

  • Private Spaces : Don’t you wish to isolate yourself from your surroundings when having meetings, focusing on work, or conducting 1:1 quick chats? In ZEP office, each private space allows for screen sharing, video calls, and chatting! Proceed with our or your own work in each space!
  • Office People List : ZEP provides a list of office people. This allows for an at-a-glance understanding of member status and availability if someone is not at their desk!
  • Townhall Meetings : With ZEP, you can conduct group meetings with all members using screen sharing, video calls, and voice chats. The maximum simultaneous connection of 150,000 people means a vast number can participate in group meetings, a number that’s unimaginable in reality!
  • Shared Schedule Setting and Meeting Rooms with Participant Integration : In ZEP office, you can reserve your meeting room and invite participants!

Moreover, unlike other metaverses, it can be accessed from any device, especially offering an excellent mobile experience! The presence of a Korean guidebook and the ZEP community also means a higher understanding of its features!

Looking to Conduct Education?

In fact, many educational institutions are conducting education through ZEP. Actually, the Seoul National University Smart City Global Fusion Talent Training (GRC) education research group’s pilot class provided students with education on smart cities and international competition experience without being confined to a physical location through ZEP! This pilot education saw participation from 350 students across 50 schools worldwide, with many students from the Seoul National University Smart City Global Fusion major participating!

<Seoul National University Smart City Global Fusion Talent Training (GRC) Education Research Group’s Pilot Class>

📖ZEP Edu

To meet the metaverse demand of the educational sector, ZEP operates ZEP Edu separately! ZEP Edu is a platform launched in collaboration with Naver’s edutech platform ‘Whale Space’!

ZEP Edu offers various chatting, voice, and video conversation features while moving characters in a virtual space.

ZEP Edu is web-based, allowing for easy and convenient use without any installation required! Especially, ZEP provides a really wide range of mini-games, which can refresh concentration during what might be a boring education session with OX quizzes, Liar Game, Dodging Poop, Zombie Game, and more!

For more about mini-games, please refer to the article below!

Looking to Conduct an Event?

<Naver's non-profit social contribution corporation Connect Foundation's Software (SW) Education Conference 'SEF2022'>

<Metaverse ZEP's Meteorological Agency Earthquake and Volcano Island Space>

✅ZEP with the Highest Simultaneous Connections

If you want to invite consumers from all over the world to our event through the metaverse, but only 2~300 people can connect at the same time, it would be difficult to conduct a proper event.

ZEP supports up to 150,000 simultaneous connections, allowing for hosting various events and promoting products without worrying about the number of connections!

✅Fully Customizable Event Spaces

Moreover, ZEP supports full customization, enabling the creation of various spaces tailored to our company!

Easily create and conduct events in your own style and color!

In fact, many companies have conducted events with ZEP!🍷

  • Shinsegae Duty-Free Gucci Beauty Remote Beauty Class: Attracted 3.5 times the target audience
  • SSG Open Run: Gathered 190,000 participants with just 10% of the cost compared to other events
  • Samsung Electronics ‘Jetland’ Promotion
  • Extraordinary Attorney Woo Promotion Space

A Quick Summary of Why We Recommend ZEP to You!

  1. Can be enjoyed on mobile!

‘Metaverses usually have better PC compatibility. However, ZEP has launched a mobile application to maximize convenience for mobile users! If you find it more convenient to operate through mobile, please use ZEP, optimized for mobile!

  • Easily create with a Korean guide!

Other metaverse platforms like GatherTown are from companies in Silicon Valley, USA. Thus, their default language is naturally English! Of course, it’s possible to switch to other languages, but ZEP, which offers Korean as a default language from the start, might be more flexible. ZEP provides a Korean guidebook, making creation easy!

  • Can accommodate a large number of participants!

The greatest advantage of ZEP is being able to support simultaneous connections of 150,000 people!

Compared to GatherTown’s 2-300 simultaneous connections, ZEP can accommodate 150,000 people! This can be a particular advantage when planning events expected to attract large crowds!

If you want to proceed with various remote offices, education, and events through ZEP?

Please refer to below for construction inquiries.

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