The EduTech Wind Finds Its Way to School Counselors💨, Online Counseling for Our Hesitant Children

Our children hesitating in front of the counseling room 😔


According to last year’s statistics, the number of consultations related to youth mental health increased from 33,536 in 2019 to 39,868 in 2021, approximately a 1.19-fold increase. Particularly, the number of suicidal youths increased from 77,000 to 111,000, a 1.4-fold increase, signaling a significant psychological injury among the youth.

However, despite this, the participation rate in school counseling facilities, such as Wee Class, is not very high 😰


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💡 Now It’s Time for School Counselors to Embrace EduTech


What if the wave of EduTech, which has shaken up the education sector, also sweeps through the counseling rooms? What if we utilize virtual spaces not only for children’s lessons but also for mind care?

Although an online Wee Class has already been established, its utilization is low. I’ll introduce you to ways to enhance the effectiveness of online Wee Class by 200%.

👀 With ZEP, How Will School Counselors & Online Counseling Within Schools Change?


1️⃣ It’s much easier to join

ZEP is an online space accessible with just one link without the need for any installation! By simplifying the participation process as much as possible, we can increase student participation!


2️⃣ The tension melts away

As ZEP is a virtual space, there’s no need to use real names. If desired, cameras can be turned off, and of course, microphones can be too.

You can just chat! Highlighting this feature can not only increase participation rates but also make our children feel more comfortable and open up more than in actual offline counseling!


3️⃣ It’s okay, you won’t be exposed

To further reassure our children who come clutching their precious secrets, we can set up a designated password for the space.

Then, even if someone accesses through the designated link, they cannot enter without the password. ZEP is here to help everyone feel more comfortable during counseling 😊


To liberate even one more child from the burden of their heart

We’ve looked at how to conduct counseling sessions using ZEP.

Everyone knows that if the outcomes in any field are minimal, trying a change might be the solution, right?

그 해결 방법이 될 수도 있다는 것, 다들 아시죠?

Ride the EduTech wave, now with ZEP and counseling sessions together!

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