✨ Louis Vuitton’s New Way of Recruiting

Louis Vuittion’s career concert in ZEP

Vivid feeling of visiting an actual LV store

🌟 Detailed description of LV’s positions and recruitment process

Introducing LV’s new products and services

🌟 Honest consultation session with seniors

🧑‍💻 Are you looking for Louis Vuitton career opportunities?

Louis Vuitton is one of the world’s famous fashion brands,
established in France in 1854,
and it takes pride in its long history and tradition.

Also, Louis Vuittion is actively hiring for positions
such as LV PR Manager, LV Tailor, and LV Store Manager.

Being a leader in Luxury Retail worldwide,
many people in the fashion industry aspire to work for Louis Vuitton.

With such a high level of interest in Louis Vuittion’s career opportunities,
then how did LV conduct its hiring process? 🤷‍♀️

🪄 Louis Vuitton’s Career Concert: LV Metaverse Career Concert – 2022 Leadership Program

In 2022, LV Korea held their career exhibition in ZEP,
offering an immersive content experience
and consultation sessions with senoir team members
for the Retail Management Trainee program,
a part of LV’s Leadership (Fast-Track) program.

Shall we go to the Louis Vuitton career concert right now? 🤗

1️⃣ Louis Vuitton Korea building

Are you interested in the Louis Vuitton Job Fair?
Then come into the building now!

ZEP’s LV space is an impressive replica
of the actual Louis Vuittion Maison Seoul,
the LV flagship store located in Cheongdam, Korea.

They’ve truly captured every detail spledidly, haven’t they? 🤩

2️⃣ Attractions inside the building

You are now in the building!

When you enter the building,
the staff says “first check your attendance and read the guide.”

When you go to the kiosk and press ‘F’, you can check your attendance.
Louis Vuitton was giving bonus points in the first round of screening
for those who have completed attendance at their job exhibitions
when they apply apply for Retail Management Trainee positions later.

Oh, There is a screen and a photo zone in the back.
Did you see that?

So, why not go take a look? 😎

A welcome message appears on the screen.

Louis Vuitton planned this metaverse event in ZEP
to provide LV career opportunities
to the younger generation, especially the Gen-Z generation.

Like the building, LV also created the photo zone exactly like
the one at the actual LV Maison Seoul.

Even if you’re in the metaverse, ZEP,
you can feel as vivid as if you were visiting a real place!

👍 Use ZEP’s features in the space!

Also, there are many people watching the video!

By simply pressing ‘F’ in front of the screen,
you can understand what a Louis Vuitton Retail Management Trainess is,
what they do, and what the recruitment process is like in only one video.

In another video later, they provide a virtual tour of the LV Maison Seoul
where the actual Retail Management Trainee will work.

Although you haven’t actually been there,
you can experience it as if you were there in person through a virtual tour.

After passing the LV logo in the center of the space,
you can see representative Louis Vuitton products on display
in the real store in Seoul.

From accessories to watches and bags,
you can find out the name and features of the product
along with photos of the actual product. 👜

Isn’t it cool that you can see Louis Vuitton’s bags, watches, and accessories
without having to go to the real store and listen to explanations from staffs?

By providing this kind of experience to the younger generation,
Louis Vuitton could move from being a luxury brand that is difficult to approach
to becoming a brand that is friendly to the younger generation.

Have you found hidden quiz questions on LV products?

Feel free to browse around the space,
then search for 3 quiz questions, and type in the answers in the beauty trunk!

After the event,
LV randomly drew names who have correctly answered all 3 questions
and sent special gifts.

3️⃣ How LV used ZEP for their special career concert

Do you have any questions
about Louis Vuitton’s jobs and recruiting process?

Then, go into the counseling room and ask questions
directly to the senior manager and listen to the answers.

They will give you a lot of realistic advice based on their actual experiences
on what you need to know and prepare to become a team member of LV.

Did you know that LV also publishes books?

At this event in ZEP,
LV was able to actively promote some news
that people did not know well about LV.

So, if you have something you want to share with your customers or others,
then share it through ZEP! ✨

Furthermore, LV introduced their perfume
and also explained their own engraving service called ‘Hot stamping.’

Rather than simply promoting products,
they were able to appeal to their clients about LV’s uniqueness
by providing diverse services that clients could actually use.

Therefore, Increase client engagement and interest
by giving exclusive information through ZEP!

Finally, have you looked around all of Louis Vuitton’s ZEP space?
Many participants in this event left reviews of their experience
in ZEP’s visitor’s book.

Many of them left reviews saying,
“Through various attractions in the space,
I learned useful information about LV’s recruitment process, job descriptions,
as well as new services and products of LV.”

By holding a LV’s metaverse career concert
in ZEP,
LV was able to effectively appeal
their unique differences
to the Gen-Z generation they were targeting
and induce them into the recruitment process!👍


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