🌊 A New Wave of F&B Marketing – LOTZ Snack Town in ZEP


πŸ™‹πŸ»β€β™€οΈ Are you in the food and beverage biz?
πŸ™†πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ Thinking of cool ways to hawk your grub?
Eager to plan events that capture the public’s interest?

Recently, F&B companies are setting their sights on the ‘Gen-Z,’ getting all spruced up for the younger crowd. They’re adding fresh flavors to old faves and serving up some exciting brand experiences.

Lotteria, the most famous fast-food restaurant in Korea is right in on the action with a ZEP! It built a virtual world themed around their snacks and desserts on ZEP.

This consisted of four concept zones:

Lotz Theme Park
Potato Field
Lotz Beach
Cheese Ranch

Each themed zone provided customer experience events.

Events such as a live tasting show, treasure hunt games, photo zone events, and OX quizzes were held, bringing Lotteria closer to its customers, and successfully promoting the renewed menu.

Let’s take a closer look at the event and find out how Lotteria promoted their products. πŸ‘€

4 Concept Zones

There are four distinct zones, each offering treasure hunt hints that allow you to participate in events and enter your main product.
Collect hidden clues to guess the main product, and you could win various prizes through a lucky draw.

1️⃣ Lotcance Beach

The word ‘Lotcance‘ is the combination of ‘Lotte-Ria‘ and ‘vacation.’

Lotteria created a beach space with items like tornado fries, shaved ice, and desserts.

Various games in Lottcance Beach

When you interact with the treasure icon, hints pop up.

You can play Avoiding Ice game at the beach.

The OX quiz space allows you to answer questions related to LotteRia and LOTZ Snack Town.
Choose between O or X for the answers, and if you get them all right, you’ll unlock a special space.

2️⃣ LOTZ Cheese Ranch

LOTZ Cheese Ranch features a ranch setting with cheese sticks and mozzarella cheese balls.
You’ll find ranch and cheese throughout, with opportunities to take your photo, download dessert coupons, get hints, and browse the gallery.

3️⃣ LOTZ Theme Park

LOTZ Theme Park is a playful amusement park adorned with G-Pie, squid rings, and churros.

The central churro carousel and the squid ring Ferris wheel are eye-catching attractions.
You can participate in the photo zone event by leaving your signature at Lotz Snack Town Square.
A large screen displays Lotte-Ria’s advertisements.

4️⃣ Potato Field

Potato farm has been set up with seasoned potatoes and potato wedges, complete with zombies and moving potatoes on the bridge.

If you can’t avoid the zombie farmers on the bridge, your speed will slow down until you escape,
but don’t worry; the transformation will be lifted once you do.

You can also attack and transform moving potatoes into potato wedges using the Z button.

5️⃣ Guestbook

At Lotz Snack Town Square, you can leave guestbook messages for your friends.

what are the advantages of ZEP?

Easy Access

You can access it from your PC or mobile device, making it convenient for you to participate in your preferred way.
Whether you’re lounging in bed or on your couch, all you need is a smartphone to join the event.


For the best experience on a larger screen, use your computer.
You can easily navigate using

arrow keys for movement,
F for interactions,
and the spacebar for jumping,

allowing you to engage in various events and activities.

⚑️ Here’s the bottom line

‘LotteRia,’ one of Korea’s most renowned fast-food restaurants, has captured the public’s attention by using ZEP to create such events.
If you’re in the F&B industry and looking to plan groundbreaking events, why not consider using ZEP for your next big idea?


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