🚀 Wanna Enjoy the Extraordinary Journey of Elon Musk’s Life in ZEP?

Not long ago, Walter Isaacson’s biography, “Elon Musk”, released.
And it has gained immense popularity among people!

In South Korea, the book has already climbed the bestseller charts, and an exciting event is taking place with its release. This event offers a unique way to savor the book, and it’s called “Elon Musk’s Room“.

Elon Musk’s Room” is hosted on a ZEP, providing readers with a closer look into the content of the book and Elon Musk’s world. Within this Metaverse space, participants can immerse themselves in virtual reality experiences related to the book’s key stories. And they can also gain access to a wealth of information about Elon Musk and his achievements.

It offers readers a distinctive opportunity to engage with the book in a more immersive manner, bringing them closer to the central character of the book, Elon Musk. This innovative approach to exploring the book and the author’s world has piqued the interest of many people.

Signature Sculpture – X 🗽

This is the lobby area, and check this out – there’s a signature sculpture from ‘X,’ the company Elon Musk recently acquired.

What’s even cooler is that the exact same sculpture is standing tall at his company’s headquarters.
The level of realism is pretty mind-blowing, don’t you think?

As you approach the sculpture and press the F key, the text from the book is revealed.
It’s like unlocking hidden secrets and diving deeper into the story
– an interactive and immersive reading experience right here in the Metaverse.

Gaming Zone 🕹

Welcome to the gaming room🕹!

Since the book delves into Elon Musk’s childhood, complete with stories about his love of gaming, ZEP has recreated a game room in the Metaverse to bring it to life.

As you get closer and press the F key, the book’s text is revealed, allowing you to step into the childhood of Elon Musk.
It’s an interactive journey through his past, right here in the Metaverse.

The screenshot above describes the content of the book about Elon Musk’s childhood, where he had a strong affinity for games.

During his early years, he ventured out on travels with friends, incorporating various tricks, such as hacking game consoles.
To capture this part of the book, ZEP has brought it to life by creating this game room within the space.

Coke Zone 🥤

Elon Musk chose a two-bedroom house as his residence, and inside his home, there was a commercial refrigerator fully stocked with decaffeinated diet cola.

This unique feature, the refrigerator, has been recreated in “Elon Musk’s Room” in the Metaverse, offering an immersive experience for visitors to explore a part of Musk’s daily life.

As you approach the refrigerator and press the F key, you can access the text from the book.

Tesla Zone 🚗

This area features a Tesla Supercharger, a Roadster, and an Optimus.
Isn’t it truly impressive?

There’s also a guestbook here. You can leave your thoughts and impressions, just as a way to connect and engage with others. It’s a great way to build a sense of community and communicate with fellow visitors.

In the Metaverse, we’ve brought Elon Musk’s world to life like never before.

From his early gaming adventures to the iconic Tesla Supercharger, Roadster, and Optimus, every detail is here for you to explore.
Don’t forget to leave your mark in our guestbook, connecting with fellow enthusiasts. It’s more than a space; it’s an experience.

Join us and discover Elon Musk’s world in a whole new dimension. 🚀💫
And if you want to promote your new book in a fresh and innovative way, why not join us?

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