🤫 ZEP, The Secret Of Samsung’s Online Pop-up Store

Let’s find out the secret of Samsung online pop-up store in ZEP!

Pop-up stores are a rising trend in marketing. 🎈
So, Seongsu and Yeonnam in Korea are occupied by pop-up stores of brands
that are hor for the Gen-Z, such as Tambourines and Nudake.

Why are these pop-up stores so popular? 🤔

First of all, customer engagement allows you
to communicate your brand message directly.
Additionally, you can expect brand awareness to increase
due to the ripple effect of SNS.

However, there are not only advantages,
but there are also clear limitations.

➖ Limitations of pop-up stores

✅ Time and space constraints

Customers cannot experience the benefits of a pop-up store
unless they go directly to the space
where the pop-up store is located during operating hours.

Ultimately, they may lose potential customers
due to time and space constraints. 🥲

✅ Waiting times and accessibility

The more popular a brand is, the more customers it will naturally have.
So customers either wait in line to visit the pop-up store
or give up and go back inevitably.

Also, unless they are in a location with excellent transportation,
they may turn away if they were planning to visit the store.

In most cases, offline events are facing with disappointment from customers.

✅ That is such an obvious marketing strategy

Although pop-up stores are popular in many ways and have various advantages,
they are no longer differentiated or competitive.

In fact, the events that can be provided to customers
in offline spaces are limited.

And too many brands are now promoting pop-up stores
as a marketing strategy. 📈

💡 A new marketing strategy that overcomes these limitations: Online pop-up stores!

Last August, Samsung Electronics opened
the ‘Samsung Electronics Jetland’ pop-up store in ZEP.

And they targeted the Gen-Z
who enjoys experiencing brands and products in new ways.

Also, the pop-up store offered a variety of programs, including a museum
with many products and a pet cafe,
as well as a movie theater, karaoke, and arcade. 🕹️

In ZEP, you can create multiple maps considering the number of participants.
And even create games and graphics for your concept and purpose.

In the case of Samsung Electronics,
since the robot vacuum cleaner was the main focus of the pop-up store,
you can see that they used a lot of graphics such as dust and animals.

Also, these mini-games, which are difficult
for many people to enjoy at the same time and require waiting,
can be played comfortably without waiting at the online pop-up store.

Moreover, during the pop-up store period,
an event was held to find discount coupons hidden within the map.

Being able to have a fun experience without waiting
can create a more positivie brand image for their customers.

Customers can also easily visit with just a link,
and the accessibility of experiencing the Samsung online pop-up store
from anywhere in the country is also new to customers.

In fact, the number of visitors to the pop-up store was almost 10,000. 😮

💁 How about planning an online pop-up store
that breaks through the limitations of offline
and provides customers
with a new brand experience?

💜 Summary

1️⃣ The pop-up store marketing strategy was popular
because of its novelty and interest, but not anymore!

2️⃣ Now is the time to break the offline limitations
and prodive new fun to customers!

3️⃣ So, provide that new fun more easily through ZEP!


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