🫁 The Most Popular Science Class These Days

πŸ“’ Teachers who want to provide unforgettable class to students, TAKE NOTE!!

Science class in ZEP?

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🌟 All students, teachers, and parents love the class

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    πŸ’» Online classes are the trend these days?

    The importance of experiential education is growing,
    but there are realistic difficulties for all students
    to visit and experience the field offline.

    In addition, it is cumbersome to install the applications
    provided by the school individually.
    Also, there is a problem that young children,
    especially those who are not accustomed to using smart devices,
    are unable to participate properly in class.

    Therefore, many schools have recently been actively using
    online classes as a new education tool.
    It is even popular as extracurricular activities.

    Are students not participating well in online classes?
    Not at all! πŸ˜€

    A teacher who actually conducted online classes through ZEP said
    that students’ participation was much higher in online class through ZEP
    than other offline classes.
    Because there are various student engagement activities within the space.

    Additionally, students sit in their seats during class,
    and during breaks, they interact with their friends in virtual school,
    transcending the constraints of time and space.

    πŸ™‹β€β™€οΈ So, what are the actual classes like? (1)

    Not long ago, after using ZEP in a science class in Korea,
    the students, teachers, and parents were all satisfied.
    Would you like to become a real student and enter the space?

    Follow me! πŸ‘‡

    If your teacher sends you a link,
    you can access the space right away without installing an app.
    After accessing the space, go up to the second floor
    and the exploration inside your mysterious body begins!

    First, watch a video explaining the digestive system in our body
    on the monitor in front of the stairs.

    Next, shall we go into the mouth?

    Eww! There are food scraps everywhere.
    If you stay this way, you’ll get cavities. 🀐

    There are germs here too! 🦠
    When you press F in front of a germ,
    the germ explain the importance of brushing your teeth.

    Students looked around this space,
    and later everyone brushed their teeth properly after lunch that day! πŸ‘

    Also this is our uvula!
    By actually following the organs in our body
    according to the digestive process,
    students can understand our body’s digestive organs and processes
    more easily and in a fun way.

    πŸ™‹β€β™€οΈ So, what are the actual classes like? (2)

    After exploring the inside of the body,
    students took a break in the lounge and returned to the classroom
    to finish science class with teacher.

    Students who experienced online classes at metaverse for the first time
    said that it was so much fun that they even told the teather
    to take classes at metaverse again next time.

    Thanks to the students’ response,
    the teacher also said that he was happy to have discovered
    a new educational tool.

    After the science class ended,
    teather asked students to leave a brief comment.

    Then, the bulletin board was full of positive responses
    such as ‘Please do it again next time!’,
    and ‘I love this map, it was soooo much fun’.

    🏫 The reason why schools should use ZEP

    1️⃣ Raise students’ concentration to 200%!

    Online class with ZEP is not just a class you listen to only by ear.
    Although teachers use videos and books in real classrooms,
    in ZEP, students can concentrate more easily and efficiently during class.

    It’s because they can move their own avatars
    and interact freely with other students.

    Moreover, various student engagement activities
    can be conducted to increase student participation.

    2️⃣ Save time and money!

    Even if the school allows you to go on experiential learning or field trips,
    you can only go once or twice a semester.
    Therefore, students are very disappointed about this.

    However, ZEP can provide students with a variety of knowledge and experiences
    at no cost, anytime, anywhere, as long as there is an Internet. 😲

    Teachers can use ZEP not only as a regular class,
    but also as extracurricular activities!

    3️⃣ Build positive relationships between students, teachers, and parents!

    Students who returen home after having a fun class with their teacher
    share the experience of class with their parents.

    And parents will be satisfied
    that their children have had a fun experience at school.

    According to it, they will have more trust in teachers and schools.
    As this process continues, you can build a positive relationship.

    If you want to create a unique class
    and make participation 200%,
    try ZEP!


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