💁 Why Lotte Chooses ‘This’ Every Year?

The reason why Lotte chose ZEP for their recruitment session.

Just as you can feel Lotte everywhere
in the Jamsil,
I wanted to make you feel like you were
in the real Lotte world
when you enter the L-RecruiTown space in ZEP!

Lotte holdings hr innovation team manager

👍 The reason why Lotte group HR Talent Strategy Team chose ZEP every year

In 2022, the Lotte Group Talent Strategy Team chose ZEP.
It is because they thought ZEP was the most efficient platform
for two-way communication.
Compared to other platforms such as Gather Town,
using ZEP makes you feel as if you are actually in that place.

With ZEP’s reaction features and mini-games,
they were able to check the immediate reactions of participants.
And they said “It has the best atmosphere among all the recruitment counseling
sessions we had ever held, both online and offline.”

So, they evaluated ZEP as a strong communication tool.

In order to successfully host an event in an online environment,
participants must be able to feel a ‘sense of presence’
and share their emotions and thoughts in real time.

In this respect, ZEP is significantly better than any other platforms. 🌟

🤵 Applicants became more active!

A typical recruitment counseling session involves waiting in line
and then having a 1:1 consultation when it is your turn.

On the other hand, Lotte’s recruitment counseling sessions was held
in an one-to-many format,
with the person in charge of the job and multiple applicants going into the room
for the job they wanted and talking about it.

In previous consultations, they used different routes,
such as email for extremely personal and sensitive questions.

However, through one-to-many consultations at ZEP,
they were able to share all of their questions and answers right away!

Also, Lotte used the guestbook in ZEP’s space for their Q&A session.

Thanks to it, applicants can now get the answers for their questions
based on a broad understanding. 😍

✨ Metaverse for Lotte Group recruitment brand!

Furthermore, Lotte Group wanted to continue to maintain L-RecruiTown
as a recruitment brand for the entire Lotte Group,

as well as a space for recruiting affliates.

So, they run the ‘Wednesday Career Mentoring’ program
2-3 times a month at ZEP.

In reality, the most necessary thing for job seekers,
but also the most difficult to access, is finding information about the job.

However, in ‘Wednesday Career Mentoring’,
job managers from various affliates directly provide information about job
and real-time consultation.

In other words, Lotte Group uses ZEP not as a space
for a one-time recruitment session,
but for job training and mentoring.

Due to these advantages,
Lotte Group uses ZEP every year to hold events
such as recruitment information sessions.

The keyword in HR these days is ‘communication’ internally and externally. Metaverse is a space that can accommodate communication needs.


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