Campaign Messages Too Stiff? Public Agencies’ Worry, ZEP Has Your Solution🌟🫡

How can we deliver campaign messages in a way that’s not stiff and doesn’t cause rejection?

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Public Agency Campaigns 🎤 are one of the effective ways to raise awareness on important social issues and get people involved. Through this, it’s possible to elevate the understanding of social problems and present solutions. However, when delivering campaign messages, some people might feel resistance, which is why using ZEP to creatively deliver messages effectively and not stiffly is a great solution!


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| Examples of Campaigns Utilizing ZEP

1️⃣ Earthquake Volcano Island

To promote the importance of earthquake safety and earthquake information services, we launched the ‘2023 Earthquake Safety Promotion Campaign’. Accessible anytime, anywhere, ZEP’s ‘Earthquake Volcano Island’ is a space where you can experience a variety of information and policy services related to earthquakes, tsunamis, and volcanoes by the Meteorological Administration, showcasing how ZEP can deliver campaign messages in a way that’s engaging and without resistance 😍

‘Earthquake Volcano Island’ 🌋 consists of the Earthquake Zone, Tsunami Zone, Volcano Zone, and Game Zone, where you can find educational videos on earthquakes, webtoons on tsunamis, and Kado News on volcanoes to help understand earthquakes. Also, in the ‘Game Zone’, you can engage in OX quizzes, survival tests, and escape room games 🎮, combining fun and knowledge to effectively learn about earthquakes 👏

2️⃣ Homeland Defense Adventure

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Next is the ‘Homeland Defense Adventure’, a case where campaign messages are uniquely provided through ZEP so that anyone can participate! The somewhat difficult subject of ‘war’ has been turned into a ‘game’ using ZEP, making it a fun way to deliver campaign messages!

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인천상륙작전 메타버스
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Designed to reflect on the spirit of sacrifice of patriotic martyrs and fallen heroes, the ZEP map is planned as an escape room game, where you interact with NPCs to solve problems and move on to the next map! Based on actual historical events that happened in June, it’s composed of three maps: ‘The June 10th Independence Movement, The Korean War, The Second Battle of Yeonpyeong’, solving historical problems 📔 related to each. Each map holds historical scenes and unique stories 😯, enhancing immersion and helping to understand the historical context more detail.🙌 Moreover, in the map of The Second Battle of Yeonpyeong, you can also view interviews with actual soldiers 📽️, allowing you to reflect on the spirit of sacrifice of patriotic martyrs and fallen heroes.

Public Agency Events Can Be Fun!

✔️ Break away from the stiff and challenging image of public agencies, actively use ZEP to deliver campaign messages in a fun and unique way❗

✔️ZEP can deliver various contents, effectively conveying campaign messages❗

Escape the tough and challenging image of public agencies and use ZEP to deliver your campaign messages in diverse and engaging ways😊🗯️

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