Easy way to get career counseling ✍ _high school

Go back to your memories when you got career counseling.
Do you have any experience of not being able to
ask everything you’re curious about?

Especially in the case of students, they must have the experience to hesitate
because they were embarrassed to become honest with others.

However, what if the students don’t have to worry about that?
Recently, Gumi High School in Korea opened up a ZEP space
where students can feel free to get career counseling!

The Campus of Gumi High School 🏤

Map of Gumi High School ZEP space

This is the map of Gumi High School ZEP space.
It looks almost the same as the actual school! 🤩

From the entrance, you can see the information about the educational fair.

Booth for university major 🚩

In the playground, there are many booths related to university majors.

You can take a look while taking a motorized scooter. Shall we get it on? 😎

If you click on the booth that you are interested in,
this kind of information comes up.
Through this, you can check briefly how to prepare for your career.

AI Chatbot Counseling Room 💌

The entrance of career counseling room

Ta-da! This is the place to pay attention today.
The above picture is called the ‘AI Chatbot Counseling Room.’

In this space, AI Chatbot Dami gives the students career counseling.

For students who want to explore their careers,
Chatbot Dami helps them choose their major
based on their grades, and goals when they enter this room.

Or, for students who feel anxious because of their careers,
Dami will give them a guide for their careers in this room.

As you can see, Gumi High School made a metaverse space for their students.
It can be useful to attract students who are hesitant to get counseling.

In the next article, I will introduce the example of counseling in middle school.
Stay tuned!



For more information, click the link below.


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