What Is The KPOP Fan Meeting? Let’s Meet TXT! ⭐

TXT successfully held an online fan meeting at ZEP

🌟 ZEP, the best and easiest platform for entertainment companies to hold large-scale events

Only ZEP allows two-way communication unlike other platforms such as Zoom

    😥 Communication Between K-POP Idols and Fans Was Difficult Before.

    Before, communicating effectively between popular K-POP idols
    and their extensive fan base can be quite challenging.
    In order to overcome some difficulties, several entertainment companies
    organized online fan meetings like Zoom KPOP fan meeting.

    However, they often encountered various issues in the process.
    Some fans were not familiar with platforms like Zoom, Gather town.
    Also, technical problems frequently arose when large number of fans,
    including global fans, joined online fan meetings at the same time.

    Nonetheless, there’s a noteworthy instance of a successful large-scale online fan meeting conducted on ZEP. 👍

    🤷‍♀️ TXT, Who Are They?

    By the way, do you know about TXT and their fans, MOA? 🤷‍♂️

    TXT (Tomorrow by Together), a K-pop boy group under Hybe,
    is well-known as the brother group of BTS.

    Celebrating their 5th debut anniversary this year,
    TXT has been gaining recognition as the “Post BTS.”
    Their January release, “Sugar Rush Ride,” reached 4th place on the Billboard
    “Bubbling Under Hot 100”.
    Also, the album “TEMPTATION,” which includes the song,
    reached the top spot on the “Billboard 200.”

    Their fandom, known as MOA (Moment Of Always),
    represents the idea of “always being together in every moment”
    and the collaboration between TXT and their fans
    to complete each other’s dreams.
    Also, TXT has a large fandom, including a significant global presence.

    🥰 TXT’s Online Fan Meeting on ZEP

    In March 2022, TXT successfully hosted a mini sports event called
    “Play X Together” with fans worldwide on the ZEP.

    The online event space on ZEP was designed to resemble TXT’s music video sets.
    Here are some brief highlights from TXT’s extensive online metaverse event! 💕

    First, fans who logged into ZEP and were waiting for the members conveyed
    their heartfelt messages through guestbook entries on ZEP.
    They made a guestbook using the guestbook function in ZEP. 📝

    And near the end of the online sports event,
    the members of TXT read the fans’ guestbooks themselves.

      TXT members personally called out fans’ names for attendance check.
      Five teams(one member and 20 fans) gathered in their private areas,
      and named their teams and slogans.

      Global fans were particularly delighted when their names were called. 😆

      The event featured a variety of engaging ZEP games,
      including hide and seek, and treasure hunting. 🎶

      And TXT members and global fans participated together. ZEP,
      although a South Korean Metaverse platform,
      provides support for various foreign languages,
      enabling global fans to understand and participate in the games seamlessly.

      🎊 ZEP is changing the paradigm of large-scale online events.

        Then, what is the difference between a fan meeting
        on ZEP and a traditional online fan meeting?

        Traditional online fan meetings, such as V LIVE and Zoom fan meeting,
        for K-pop idols or K-drama actors
        typically provide one-way communication.
        They just involve the idols or actors turning on their cameras,
        and their fans watching the video.
        There can be technical problems due to the limited number of participants.

        However, when conducting large-scale online fan meetings on ZEP,
        there is no need to worry!! 😎

        Furthermore, ZEP allows easy access with just one click on a link.

        So, you don’t have to download separate apps or programs,
        and you can easily access to ZEP on both PCs and mobile devices
        in a few seconds.

        You can create your own virtual avatar and ZEP space.
        Or you can choose other space maps on ZEP’s service.

          Additionally, ZEP enables users to create their own avatars
          and customize ZEP space maps.

          And it’s easy to foster dynamic experiences
          through chat and reactions to express emotions.
          It is like actually communicating two-way with the other person
          in same space with various reaction functions.
          Also, if you hold large-scale online fan event on ZEP,
          these functions can enhance fan engagement. 🙋‍♀️

          Furthermore, ZEP accommodates up to 150,000 simultaneous users
          without any technical errors.

          Hence, ZEP is an ideal platform for hosting large-scale online fan meetings
          and online ticketing events for K-pop idols or K-drama actors.

          Consequently, when you opt for ZEP to host a large-scale online event,
          you can rest assured that technical issues won’t be a concern,
          even with a high volume of participants.

          Therefore, if you are part of an entertainment marketing team,
          you should consider working with ZEP
          for fandom management
          and online fan meetings.

          If you want to try an online fan meeting or online ticketing at ZEP,
          visit the link below!

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