Teacher! Class is funπŸ˜†! Students became ZEP freaks!

🀩 Classes that all students love!

More and more elementary school teachers
are using ZEP to provide fun classes to students.

Now, ZEP is an essential teaching tool for edutech classes.
Also, students can experience more immersive and interesting classes! πŸ₯°

πŸ“’Teachers who want to provide fun classes to students
by using the educational map in ZEP,
pay attention!

Here are some tips about how to use ZEP! πŸ€—

🏫 Fun classes using ZEP

1️⃣ History experiential class

ZEP has actual historical places and events in metaverse space.

So, students can vividly tour and learn about historical sites
without going to go to those places in person.

πŸ”΅ This is a history quiz map!

In this map, students can receive golden keys when they answer the quiz,
and with these golden keys they can open the door to their destination.

Through this map, students can acquire historical knowledge by solving quizzes
and feel a sense of fun and accomplishment.

πŸ”΅ Students can explore Hanyang during the Joseon Dynasty using ZEP!

Also, students can visit various attractions,
from Gyeongbokgung Palace to Sungnyemun Gate,
and click the character to easily understand historical facts related to that place.

In addition, they can experience history more realistically
through vivid photos of that time and the VR experience zone.

By exploring Hanyang during the Joseon Dynasty,
you can naturally increase students’ interests in history!

2️⃣ Science experiential class

πŸ”΅ You can teach about energy using ZEP to your students.

With ZEP, students can increase their understanding of energy,
and indirectly experience the energy production and consumption process! πŸ™‚

3️⃣ Culture experiential class

Furthermore, there are cultural places and works of art in ZEP.

So, students can go to those places and appreciate many works
as if they are actually in those places or an art gallery.

πŸ”΅ You can see the Van Gogh exhibition at ZEP
along with descriptions of the works!

πŸ”΅ In addition, ZEP has an exhibition template
that students can create their own works,
and they can also display it or link presentation materials
such as PPT that they have created in class.

Parents can also come in and see what their children have done! πŸ‘

πŸ’» Edutech, using ZEP

Using ZEP, students can have diverse and vivid experiences
that are difficult to experience in the real world!
Through fun and interesting learning within the map,
it is possible to increase understanding and immersion in learning easily.

Moreover, you can provides fun learning, using ZEP’s mini-games,
such as ZEP’s escape room or β­•βŒquiz.

And those games can increase students’ participation and concentration.

πŸ” Maximize the education effectiveness by combing offline and online

To complement offline classes,
use ZEP to teach both offline and online classes at the same time!

Classes using ZEP help overcome boredom.
By using ZEP content,
students can study more interestingly, practically, and creatively.
In addition to it, you can improve the quality of your classes!

Lastly, parts that are difficult to conduct through offline classes can be taught
by ZEP’s educational maps, πŸ—ΊοΈ
which allows you to overcome the limitations of offline education.

Students who have become ZEP freaks
are waiting for a fun class time using ZEP!

Use ZEP to create fun classes now!πŸ‘©πŸ»β€πŸ«πŸ”₯


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