Teacher! The class is so fun 😆 Kids have become ZEP enthusiasts 🎮

Teacher! The class is so fun!😆

More and more elementary school teachers are offering fun classes to their students using ZEP. ZEP is an important teaching tool for edutech classes. Through it, students can experience more immersive and interesting lessons😆

📢Attention teachers who want to offer fun classes to their students like others using the educational maps on ZEP!

Let me introduce how you can use ZEP effectively.

📍 The Advantages of Using ZEP for Teaching!

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Fun classes using ZEP! 🧑🏻‍🏫

1️⃣ History experience classes

You can recreate historical places or events in ZEP for students to experience firsthand!

🔵 It’s a history quiz map!

By answering quizzes, you can receive golden keys which can be used to open the doors to the destination. This map allows students to acquire historical knowledge while enjoying and feeling a sense of achievement.

🔵 You can explore the Joseon Dynasty’s Hanyang using ZEP!

From Gyeongbokgung to Sungnyemun, you can visit various landmarks, and by clicking on characters, you can easily understand historical facts related to the place.

Not only that, but you can also experience history more vividly through vivid photos of the time and VR experience zones.

Exploring Hanyang from the Joseon Dynasty can naturally boost your interest in history!

2️⃣ Science experience classes

🔵 You can learn about energy using ZEP.

Through this process, not only can you enhance your understanding of energy, but you can also indirectly experience the production and consumption of energy, thereby solidifying your knowledge.🙂

3️⃣ Cultural experience classes

You can recreate cultural sites or artworks in ZEP for students to experience firsthand.

🔵 You can find the Van Gogh exhibition in ZEP, complete with artwork descriptions!

🔵 Also, ZEP has an exhibition template available, allowing students to create their own, connect presentations or PPTs they’ve made in class, and even parents can come in to see what their children have done!

‘Edutech’, by utilizing ZEP

Through ZEP, students can have various and vivid experiences that are hard to come by in the real world!

Enjoyable and interesting learning within the map can enhance understanding and engagement in learning.

Additionally, through mini-games like escape rooms or ⭕❌quizzes in ZEP, learning can be fun as if playing a game, raising interest and attention towards learning.

Maximize the effectiveness of education offline+online❗

To complement offline classes, try teaching with ZEP, using both offline and online methods❗

Classes using ZEP can help overcome boredom.

By utilizing ZEP content, students can learn in a more interesting, practical, and creative way, improving the quality of education!

Also, parts that are difficult to conduct in offline classes can be carried out in ZEP, helping to overcome the limitations of offline education. “Kids who have become ZEP enthusiasts, are looking forward to fun class times utilizing ZEP! Create fun classes together with your students using ZEP!👩🏻‍🏫🔥”

Try ZEP now!


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