The Hottest Trend Among Employees💯! The Corporate Community Platform ZEP, Samyang World 🏰

Let’s explore the corporate community platform ZEP with Samyang World

사내 커뮤니티 플랫폼 ZEP

How are companies introducing new businesses these days?

Along with introducing new businesses, communication with customers, and employees is being carried out in a very unique way!

Let’s take a closer look at ‘Samyang World’ by Samyang Group, which is emerging as a great example in this field! 😎

✅ The Corporate Community Platform ZEP in Samyang

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1️⃣ Integration of Internal Communication Community! 📢

Samyang Group has integrated communication between employees and customers into one through the metaverse community called ‘Samyang World’. 😲

The corporate community platform ZEP connects both the internal and external aspects of the company, making it easy to share information and communicate between stakeholders.

Beyond just a communication community, various events, recruitment briefings, and the launch of Samyang Seeds have been held. 😊

2️⃣ Amazing Real Implementation, Experience Samyang in the Metaverse 🖥️

Samyang World shows off its exceptional implementation that transcends reality and the metaverse! 🤩 You can experience the map through the ‘Samyang World’ website, where you can directly experience Samyang Group’s products, brands, and buildings.

As shown in the photo above, Samyang World has various maps built within it! 😊

The main island, where the Samyang Jongno headquarters🏢 and Pangyo Discovery Center are located, is at the center.

Surrounding it are islands representing food, packaging, chemicals, pharmaceuticals·biotech, and other business sectors. 🏝️ If you enter buildings shaped like their initial alphabets, it leads to promotional halls for each business sector.

There are objects installed where you can view promotional materials, videos, and related links. ⚙️

This real implementation provides an impressive experience to customers and employees, enhancing Samyang Group’s image and branding. 🥹👏

3️⃣ Make Communication Fun! 👩‍💻🧑‍💻

Samyang World emphasizes fun communication, not stiff and boring ones! 😁 Thanks to this, not only customers but also employees are creating a great corporate culture.

Samyang World offers a variety of events, games, performances, and other activities to provide users with enjoyable experiences.

The photo above is from an event called <Challenge of 100 People> held in Samyang World! 🥳

It was an event for Samyang Group employees and gained great popularity among them.

By utilizing the platform well to match the company’s atmosphere, it builds a new corporate culture, and employees interact more positively with the company, increasing their loyalty! 😊

Samyang Group’s ‘Samyang World’ is a corporate community platform and at the same time a unique platform that naturally continues communication with customers. 🙌🤗

With its amazing reality implementation through the metaverse and successfully gathering both customers and employees, this approach contributes to enhancing the company’s brand image and increasing customer loyalty, and is expected to have a positive impact on the company in the future! 💜

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