⚾ Want to Be a Trendsetter in Korean Sports Culture?

Are you a sports fanatic 🏈 and still don’t know about this?

한국 스포츠 문화 세계 스포츠 문화 중국 스포츠 문화 미국 스포츠 문화 한국 야구 미국 야구 야구장 메타버스 운동 롯데 자이언츠 야구 홈런볼 잡는 법 야구 관람 꿀팁 야구 관중석 꿀팁 야구 관람 후기 롯데 자이언트 야구 팬 짤 야구 팬서비스 야구 팬 특징

People’s interest in sports is always high🔥, with recent events like the Hangzhou Asian Games🎖️ and the upcoming fall baseball⚾ season. To watch these sports events, you have to physically travel to the stadium, which can be difficult due to various time and spatial constraints.

So, what could be an alternative to overcome these drawbacks? The answer is using ZEP❗ Create a space🖥️ for sports fans with ZEP. Fans won’t ever want to switch teams, right? 😉


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🎈 ZEP, Bringing Different People Together in One Space!

ZEP 아바타 메타버스 성공사례 아바타 꾸미기 zep us 제페토 롯데 자이언트 메타버스 경기 온라인 스포츠 e sports ZEP 게더타운 ZEP 에러 ZEP 오류 ZEP 문제해결 ZEP 조작법 ZEP 방탈출 ZEP 무료 맵 가상공간 메타버스 비용 메타버스 구축 비용

ZEP can bring different people together in a space designed just for them🧑‍🤝‍🧑, providing an area for communication and bonding.

1️⃣ Anyone can create a map with just two clicks, making it easy to build a space for sports team fans

2️⃣ Through avatar customization, reflect the traits of favorite players, enhancing a strong sense of belonging among fans

3️⃣ Enable two-way communication among participants using real-time streaming or video conferencing features

🎈 Lotte Giants, Creating a Stadium Space for Fans on ZEP

The renowned professional baseball team, Lotte Giants, has recreated the Lotte Giants Sajik Stadium🏟️ on ZEP.

Creating the stadium🏟️, T-ball ground, photo zone📷, etc., gives participants the feeling of being at the actual venue.

한국 스포츠 문화 세계 스포츠 문화 중국 스포츠 문화 미국 스포츠 문화 한국 야구 미국 야구 야구장 메타버스 운동 롯데 자이언츠 야구 홈런볼 잡는 법 야구 관람 꿀팁 야구 관중석 꿀팁 야구 관람 후기 롯데 자이언트 야구 팬 짤 야구 팬서비스 야구 팬 특징

Moreover, jumping through the purchase portal🕳️ at the ticket booth leads directly to the actual ticket purchase site🔗, making it fast and easy to buy tickets!

Additionally, they created the Lotte Giants Tower🗼 using various objects provided by ZEP to feature guestbooks📖, support boards🪧, game zones🕹️, etc., conveying information related to the history of the Lotte Giants in a fun and engaging way.

🎈 Another Feature of ZEP That Excites Sports Fans

ZEP’s Media Addition Feature ZEP can accommodate up to 150,000 people 🫢, enabling communication with a large audience. It also offers real-time streaming features, allowing space participants to watch games😎.

Why not explore the Lotte Sajik Stadium map?

Firstly, upon entering the stadium map, you’ll see the scoreboard.

Connecting the live streaming feature to showcase sports games to participants creates the feel of sitting in the stands 😎 watching the game live. Linking the streaming to your own YouTube channel 🔗 can also be a great way to promote your brand. Spectators can use a variety of non-verbal expression features🕺 like hearts, dances during the game to immediately see reactions, enabling two-way communication!👍

Now, you too can become a trendsetter in the sports culture!

⚾ Experience the thrill of visiting a real baseball stadium right from your room!

🔗 From ticket purchasing to watching the game, all in one place with various integration features!

🤗 Engage our fans and make them trendsetters in sports culture with ZEP!

Are you interested in creating such an experience? Show your appreciation to the fans who always support our team by providing new and fun experiences! ZEP is always ready to transform into the space you desire🫡

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