Hyundai Motor Company’s 200% Utilization of Online Job Fairs 🤩

💡 Are you concerned about online job fairs?

현대자동차 메타버스 채용설명회 in ZEP
현대 채용설명회
현대 채용
현대 메타버스
현대자동차 메타버스 채용설명회 in ZEP

Are you wondering how to make your regularly scheduled job fairs more accessible, enjoyable, and friendly for participants? Besides these, how to manage a large number of participants, and the cost💰 among other concerns can be quite overwhelming. Hyundai Motor Company 🚗 has successfully conducted a job fair in the metaverse without these worries, in collaboration with ZEP. Let’s explore how they utilized ZEP, and plan your next job fair together!


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1️⃣ Easy User Experience

메타버스 ZEP
ZEP 사용법
ZEP 아바타
ZEP 현대자동차 채용설명회
온라인 채용설명회
온라인 기업행사
ZEP 오브젝트
ZEP 방탈

Participants can easily join the event by simply getting familiar with the arrow keys and object interaction feature (F key).

💡TIP: Writing simple instructions on the floor can help users learn the controls more quickly.

메타버스 사용법
ZEP 조작법
ZEP 기능
ZEP 가격
ZEP 시간제한 
온라인 행사
온라인 메타버스 행사

💡TIP: It’s also a good idea to send materials in advance via email.

2️⃣ Diverse Service Offerings

✨Job Role Presentations✨

You can conduct job role presentations in real-time. During these sessions, participants can have their questions about desired roles and company life answered.

✨ Job Group Counseling✨

Small group counseling with current employees is available. Participants can comfortably share and ask questions about job roles they were curious about.

✨1:1 Recruitment Counseling✨

One-on-one counseling on recruitment and careers with HR representatives is available. Participants can address concerns they have had during their job preparation.

✨ Library✨

Setting up a library is recommended! Hyundai Motor Company used this space to provide job-related videos/interview content and as a space for job study groups.

3️⃣ Smooth Interactions

✨Chat & Reactions✨

You can communicate smoothly with participants using chat and reaction features. Express emotions in a fun way using speech bubbles and emoticons!

💡TIP: In ZEP, just as you might break an awkward silence with applause or answers in an offline setting, it’s good to encourage responses. Starting with a light comment to ease the tension is recommended.

💡TIP: Allocating the right number of counseling staff can ensure smoother chat counseling. Keep this in mind.


You can also receive feedback from participants through a guestbook. Reflecting on this feedback for future job fairs can make them even better.

4️⃣ Overcoming Physical Space Limitations

ZEP 최대 수용 인원
ZEP 아바타 ZEP 행사 ZEP 리액션 ZEP 교육 ZEP 방탈

Accommodating a large number of participants is easy ZEP can comfortably host up to 15,000 participants, allowing more job seekers to participate. There have been no reports of errors due to exceeding the number of concurrent users!

Online job fairs are now easy and fun with ZEP!

✅ Easy User Experience

– Simple to operate, so anyone can use it

– Helps participants quickly adapt to the platform

✅ Diverse Service Offerings

– Able to conduct large-scale job presentations

– Provides job group counseling and 1:1 recruitment counseling

✅ Smooth Interactions

– Features various functions for smooth communication, not just video/audio

✅ Overcoming Physical Space Limitations

– Can accommodate a large number of participants

– Allows many job seekers to participate

Do you also want to plan? Your next job fair can approach participants in a more innovative way! ZEP is always ready to transform into the space you desire🫡

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