🚫Enough with the Formal University Job Fairs! Nowadays, Universities are all about ‘This’❗

“How do you host university job fairs?”

형식적인 채용 박람회는 이제 그만!

Job fairs provide students with a special opportunity to meet hiring managers directly, allowing them to access multiple companies at once, engage in conversations with hiring managers, and network—an essential event. Through this, students can gain information about employment and even job opportunities❗

Furthermore, it’s a crucial opportunity for company HR managers to introduce their vision, values, work, etc., and recruit talent. However, university job fairs can sometimes be carried out formally, making it difficult to lead to meaningful communication and hiring. 😮‍💨 So, how can we host beneficial job fairs that support the fruitful interaction between students and companies?

Host Successful Job Fairs from Now on with ZEP! 🔥


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1️⃣ Reasons Why You Have to Host Job Fairs on ZEP

대규모 행사도 ZEP에서는 문제 없어요!

👥 Capable of Accommodating up to 50,000 Concurrent Users

ZEP can accommodate up to 50,000 concurrent users! Thus, inviting a large number of HR managers is no issue at all. This way, students can have the opportunity to meet HR managers from various companies all in one place👍 Furthermore, a large number of students can participate in the job fair, effectively gaining employment-related information. For smooth event progression, you can choose to enable chat only or set the activation of camera and voice features separately! ⚙️ Even if hundreds or thousands of people participate, you can join with just one click on the link, making it not bothersome at all.

In fact, after the 2022 spring job fair at Chung-Ang University, Tae-Sung Kim, the head of Chung-Ang University’s Da Vinci Talent Development Center, stated, “Around 700 members of Chung-Ang University had the opportunity to meet major company HR managers all at once through the metaverse job fair.” Following the spring, they also hosted a job fair through ZEP in the fall! There’s a reason they chose ZEP twice 😎

👍 A Space that Transports You to the Actual Job Fair Scene

Were you looking for a metaverse that feels more real than reality? Then come to ZEP! Many people might think about the metaverse, “How similar could it actually be to reality?” But those who have held events on ZEP all say, “How could they make it this identical?”😆 Not just the interior but even the exterior of buildings can be replicated exactly! By transferring the actual scene like this, participants’ immersion can also be maximized🥰

여러분들은 어떤 리액션이 가장 마음에 드세요?

💃 A Job Fair Brimming with Realism

Using various reaction features provided by ZEP, you can applaud, send hearts to show empathy, and even dance! 💜 By utilizing the reaction feature, even though we are physically apart, we can communicate as if we are in the same space😆

Creating your own avatar allows you to try styles you’ve never attempted before, and also increases participation in the event!

2️⃣ A Sneak Peek into Real University Job Fairs Utilizing ZEP

요즘은 메타버스에서 채용박람회 안 하는 대학교들이 없구나!

A total of 8 major universities in the Seoul area, including Seoul National University, Kyung Hee University, Korea University, Sogang University, Sungkyunkwan University, Yonsei University, Chung-Ang University, and Hanyang University, hosted the ‘2022 Spring Job Fair’ through ZEP! Samsung, LG, Hyundai, POSCO, LX, and other conglomerates, as well as companies from construction, electrical, telecommunications, food, and various other fields provided opportunities for about 50 companies’ recruitment department managers to meet students👍

💬 Consultation with HR Managers

By checking the ‘Booth Layout’ arranged in the lobby and moving to the desired company booth, you can have one-on-one consultations with the company’s HR manager. It’s a rare opportunity to directly share your career or employment concerns with HR managers and current employees in specific roles!

In addition, when visiting a company booth, you can check detailed recruitment information through the video and website kiosk in front of the booth! Since ZEP allows you to link external websites, photos, and videos to objects🔗 Also, by filling out a consultation card at the consultation card kiosk in advance, you can write down your questions beforehand and participate, making the consultation more prompt and efficient👍

지정된 구역 안에 있는 사람들만 소통할 수 있어요!

Worried that others might hear your concerns and consultation content?

If you designate a Private Area, only those within the specified area can see each other and talk. There’s no need to worry about passersby overhearing your conversation! Therefore, you can receive consultations honestly😉

방명록에는 글뿐만 아니라 사진도 함께 첨부할 수 있어요.

🗒️ Communicate with Other Participants by Writing in the Guestbook

The guestbook was filled with participants’ rave reviews. You can also attach photos in the guestbook, so some participants uploaded their university logos, and others used recent trending memes or jokes to communicate with other participants!

🔊 Authentic Reviews from Students

🙋‍♀️ “It was my first time using a metaverse fair for job hunting purposes, and it was so fascinating and fun! The information was quickly accessible, and communication was really smooth! It helped a lot in understanding and preparing for my job.”

💁 “I participated in the fair to get recruitment information as I’m preparing for major companies this upper half of the year. Through this job fair, I could understand more clearly the vision and direction of the companies I want to join. It was a truly beneficial opportunity.”

A successful job fair flooded with positive responses from students!

🤐 A chance to candidly consult one-on-one about personal dilemmas that you couldn’t share anywhere else

👍 Not just a formal event, but one where all participants can gain useful information

💜 Presenting a positive image of our company to university students

Would you like to plan one too? For the successful employment of our university students, to present a positive image of our company, a different kind of job fair is needed. Host your next job fair with ZEP❗

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