Don’t miss out on the latest trends, teachers 🙌🏻 We’re introducing Teacher Training through ZEP

How are you keeping up with the rapidly changing educational trends?

ZEP을 통한 교사 연수

Digital literacy, EdTech, and now even Artificial Intelligence! There’s so much to learn, but you wouldn’t want to miss out on these trends, right? 😎 If you find it cumbersome to attend training centers in person, and video lectures bore you, pay attention teachers 🙋🏻 For the trendsetting teachers 👨‍🏫, Introducing Teacher Training through ZEP!

Limitations of existing offline training?

Before we dive into ZEP, let’s look at the limitations of traditional offline training.

📍No time to attend training😥

From preparing lessons to various administrative tasks… and if the designated training location is far away, it becomes too difficult to attend.

📍Inconvenient video lectures due to the hassle of traveling😩

With no time and distant locations, many resort to video lectures for training. However, this makes it difficult to interact with other teachers and frustrating when you can’t get immediate answers to your questions.

📍Wanting to select and download specific materials from the loads of printed materials😨

Of course, you can organize print materials into files or receive them via email. But now, you want to be able to select and download just the materials you need.

Breaking the limits with Teacher Training through ZEP

Let us introduce ZEP, which can overcome the limitations of offline training!

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1️⃣ Training locations free from spatial and temporal constraints🚪

With a maximum of 50,000 concurrent users, and as long as you have the link🔗, you can access it until the map is deleted. You can also freely build maps, allowing you to replicate the training center buildings you’d see offline, right on your computer. Escape from complicated program installations and rigid website designs, and enjoy visual fun and convenience too!

Additionally, once a training map is built in ZEP, it can be reused for future events or training, making it cost-efficient! 😉

2️⃣ A platform that combines the advantages of both online and offline🖥️

ZEP 아바타 꾸미기 ZEP 아바타 커스터마이징

On the map, participants can customize their own avatars🪆. Just like offline, when avatars come close to each other, video and voice chats become possible💬. Even if it’s online training, it’s much easier to have conversations with fellow teachers in ZEP. Also, by using the question board🙋‍♀️ or ‘LiveQ&A’ app within the map, you can ask questions in real-time and get quick responses.

ZEP is a platform that combines the convenience of online with the smooth communication of offline.

3️⃣ A library where you can select only the materials and videos you need📦

ZEP 파일 연동 기능 ZEP 다운로드

By setting up a library space and placing the materials for distribution, participants can open and download only the materials🗂️ they need. You can preview Word, PowerPoint, PDF, and other materials without opening separate programs, making it very convenient!👍

4️⃣ Not just simple link sharing, but training enjoyed together within a map👍🏻

ZEP 유튜브 연동 ZEP 동영상 시청

Also, videos uploaded on YouTube can be embedded, allowing for viewing without opening a new window❗

Additionally, a Padlet guestbook🪧 can be embedded in the map for leaving training impressions. Adding a guestbook link allows for future reference and understanding the honest reactions of participants. Moreover, participants can chat and share information in a café☕, garden🌳 themed map! Especially in teacher training, sharing opinions on the topic and learning tips for teaching methods can be very effective.

Don’t miss out on the rapidly changing trends in the education sector anymore!

💜 Overcome the limitations of traditional offline teacher training with ZEP!

👍 Enjoy the advantages of both online and offline, along with cost-saving benefits!

🧑‍🏫 If you want to efficiently follow the trends, we recommend teacher training through ZEP!

Interested in planning one yourself? Check out various free maps and games right now on the ZEP website! ZEP is always ready to transform into the space you desire🫡

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