e학습터가 지루해졌다면?
교실에서 현장체험학습을 떠나는 방법 🚀

Today, I want to suggest ways to use ZEP for those who are planning active student participation and experiential learning-based classes but find it challenging to bring such plans to fruition!

Are you struggling with these issues? 🧐

  • 1️⃣ The videos and problem-solving materials provided by the e-learning platform are insufficient.
  • 2️⃣ You recognize the need for field trip lessons but lack the time or budget.
  • 3️⃣ You want to create classes that encourage student participation.

With the advent of the EdTech era, using videos during class and solving problems with tablets have become commonplace.

However, merely watching videos and solving problems can decrease student concentration and hardly capture their interest. 🥺

If you want to create a class that feels like the students have actually gone on a field trip using a variety of learning tools, try ZEP!

Explore the various learning spaces in ZEP!

If you’re new to ZEP, creating your own space might be challenging. So, is there no other way?🤔


ZEP offers a variety of educational spaces created by various public institutions.🤗 Today, I’ll introduce three educational spaces you can explore with ZEP.

Field Trip Learning Spaces in ZEP 🚀

🐸National Institute of Biological Resources Love for Life Festival Metaverse🐸

이 이미지는 대체 속성이 비어있습니다. 그 파일 이름은 image-19-1024x513.png입니다

For the 2022 Love for Life Festival, the Ministry of Environment’s National Institute of Biological Resources showcased itself using ZEP!

Students can visit Korea’s native animals through ZEP without physically going there and gain basic knowledge through various quizzes. Teachers contemplating museum trips can engage students with descriptions and quizzes for each animal, making it highly recommended.

🏫Homeland Defense Adventure🏫

Produced by the Seoul Northern Veterans Affairs Office, ‘Homeland Defense Adventure Season 1’ attracted significant attention, with 58,000 participants and about 55 schools incorporating it into their curriculum over a month.

Following its popularity, ‘Homeland Defense Adventure Season 2’ was developed as an escape room-style content where participants become avatars in the metaverse and travel back to 1950 to uncover hidden stories of the Korean War. By solving various missions in each space, participants can naturally learn about the hidden history of the Korean War!

Moreover, it covers the Korean War extensively, from the North Korean invasion to battles like Dabudong, Incheon Landing Operation, Battle of Chosin Reservoir, Panmunjom, and the Second Battle of Yeonpyeong, allowing an engaging history lesson.

🌋Korea Meteorological Administration Earthquake and Volcano Island🌋

‘Earthquake and Volcano Island’ is divided into earthquake policy, exhibition, play, and event zones. Students can explore each zone to learn about and experience earthquakes without visiting an actual experience center.

In the earthquake/volcanic policy zones, you can find key earthquake policies and information services by the Korea Meteorological Administration through videos and other materials. The exhibition zone displays award-winning short videos and picture diaries from the Earthquake/Volcano Understanding Contest.

Lastly, the play zone offers various games, such as OX quizzes on earthquake information, action guidelines problem-solving to understand survival types, an escape game before earthquake waves hit, and the ‘Ring the Earthquake Early Warning’ golden bell.

Haven’t found the perfect space for your class yet?

ZEP not only has spaces that can be used anytime but also hosts programs by various organizations/companies for a certain period.

Check out these programs! 👋

While ZEP’s website offers spaces that can be used anytime, there are also programs that are organized and operated based on applications from institutions.

Today, I’d like to introduce the Woori Bank Banking Museum held recently by ZEP!

이 이미지는 대체 속성이 비어있습니다. 그 파일 이름은 image-51.png입니다

In February, Woori Bank operated the financial education program ‘Let’s Go! Bank Exploration’ for elementary students at the ZEP Bank Museum.

‘Let’s Go! Bank Exploration’ allowed students to experience financial literacy, banking operations, and history through ZEP’s simulated bank branches and museum exhibition rooms.

This education program was applied for through the Woori Bank Museum website and was conducted three times.

출처 : 핀포인트뉴스(https://www.pinpointnews.co.kr)

📑 If you’ve found the learning materials provided by the e-learning platform lacking,

⌛ If you’re planning a field trip lesson but are short on time,

🙋 If you want to create classes that encourage active student participation,

Why not start easily with ZEP?

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