How Companies are Communicating with MZ Employees Today: The ‘UniverseLike’ Community Group 🌟


Creating a community for interaction with MZ employees!

Communities facilitate the exchange of information among employees and make it easier to form bonds. That’s why modern companies are focusing on communities for communication!

To foster communication and bonding through information exchange among employees, the target group has built a community through ZEP!


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1️⃣ The ‘UniverseLike’ Community Group


✅ A Community for MZ Generation Employees 👥

The target group has created the ‘UniverseLike’ community to activate communication and exchange among MZ generation employees.

The ‘UniverseLike’ community is being used by about 800 MZ employees of the target group, where active communication is underway!

As it is built for MZ generation employees, ‘UniverseLike’ is a community that only employees born in 1989 or later can join!

✅ Free Communication Guaranteed by Anonymity 💬

Furthermore, to ensure even more free and active communication, ‘UniverseLike’ allows employees to participate anonymously with chosen nicknames and characters instead of their real names!

Through nicknames and characters, employees can use the community more freely.

2️⃣ A Community By the Employees, For the Employees, Of the Employees

The target group MZ generation employees are hoped to find like-minded colleagues and enjoy the process of communication in ‘UniverseLike’.

Choi Dae-young, Head of Corporate Culture Team at Target Holdings

The ‘UniverseLike’ community of the target group is made by the employees, for the employees, and of the employees, thus it was created with the ideas and leadership of MZ generation employees.

Before the opening of ‘UniverseLike’, surveys, group interviews, and beta tests were conducted among MZ generation employees of the target group to allow them to shape the community!


The name ‘UniverseLike’ itself was conceived from the ideas of the employees!

The name ‘UniverseLike’ was the result of a contest among MZ generation employees. It signifies an invitation to communicate together, echoing the phrase ‘Would you like’, and also represents an invitation to a new world, the metaverse!

3️⃣ The Various Spaces of ‘UniverseLike’

‘UniverseLike’ consists of Club Planet for hobbies/self-improvement groups, Purple Planet for sharing inner thoughts, Communication Hall for events/town halls/education, and Culture Lounge!

In these four diverse spaces, MZ generation employees could engage in hobbies and self-improvement, share their inner thoughts, and communicate with each other!

They also had fun engaging in various communications through ZEP, even in a non-face-to-face space!

4️⃣ Opportunities for Communication through ‘UniverseLike’

The target group’s MZ generation employees were able to strengthen digital communication through free communication in diverse spaces, and at the same time, form a fun experience and a voluntary participation culture!

How about building a fun community space through ZEP to enhance bonding and open the window to free communication among employees?

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