Say No to Boring Video Conferences! The Ultimate Tips for Fun Video Meetings💡

Are video conferences too boring for you? It’s different with ZEP!😉

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Following the pandemic, many companies have adopted remote work, and the number of office-less companies is increasing, as is the number of employees who prefer working remotely over face-to-face. This trend towards preferring non-face-to-face interactions has led to an increase in the use of platforms for video meetings! However, the nature of online meetings means that they can be tiring and boring because you can’t meet in person. This can lead to decreased concentration and inefficiency at work😢

There is a magical platform that solves these problems of video conferences✨. The way to make video conferences more fun can be found with ZEP.


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1️⃣ Uninterrupted Meetings ⏰

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ZEP 시간제한 없

Many of you might have used platforms like Zoom or Google Meet for video conferences. When using these two platforms for free, there’s a time limit⌛ of 40 minutes or 1 hour. It can be quite jarring and disrupt concentration and immersion when the meeting cuts off midway through a deep discussion with team members or students.

However, with ZEP, you can have unlimited meetings without time constraints, and that too for free 👌.

Why not conduct your video conferences with ZEP to prevent important moments from being interrupted and losing focus?😉

2️⃣ Fun Video Meetings with Your Own Avatar

Zoom Fatigue, or ‘Zoom fatigue’, is a new term that has emerged as people accumulate fatigue from video conferences. One reason for this fatigue, according to research, is related to the camera📷. According to a research team led by Professor Allison Gabriel of the University of Arizona’s management college, the operation of the camera during online meetings can be exhausting. This buildup of fatigue from online meetings can make them boring and unenjoyable, leading to a decrease in the overall efficiency of the meeting.

However, ZEP is a platform that can alleviate the fatigue of online meetings👍. When you join a meeting on ZEP with your own avatar🪆, it significantly reduces the pressure associated with being on camera!

ZEP also allows for various character motions. Pressing the number 0 makes your character dance 💃, and you can express different emotions😠 using other keys! Even during video conferences, participants can bring more life to the meeting through various motions and emotional expressions! Also, your character can sit on a chair🪑! Having various characters sitting in chairs as if in a real meeting room makes the video conference more colorful and fun!

3️⃣ Real Reviews from ZEP Users

I was able to reduce boredom during video conferences by using my own styled character! Especially, it’s very cute and fun when we’re all sitting in the meeting room together.

4️⃣ Various Mini-Games to Solve Boredom!

Unlike other video conference platforms, ZEP offers a variety of mini-games 🎮. There are a total of 10 games including Dodge the Poop, OX Quiz, Boxing Game, Zombie Game, Paintman, Bombermans, Running, Quiz Golden Bell, Escape Room, Rock Paper Scissors!

Everyone can enjoy these games easily and have fun, even if you’re not usually into games or aren’t good with web tools, as long as you know how to use simple arrow keys and the F and Z keys!🤩

The Ultimate Guide to Having Fun with Video Conferences on ZEP 💡

✅ Enjoy unlimited video conferences without time restrictions on ZEP, and conduct highly focused meetings!

✅ Reduce fatigue from video conferences by using your avatar, and make meetings more vibrant through various emotional expressions!

✅ Reduce fatigue from video conferences by using your avatar, and make meetings more vibrant through various emotional expressions!

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Curious about how to play mini-games on ZEP?

Curious about how to play mini-games on ZEP?

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