The hidden secret behind Kyobo Bookstore’s boost in employee loyalty💡

ZEP’s online corporate training, isn’t this a basic for today’s companies?🫢

KB 국민은행 도 ZEP 에서 사내행사 를 진행했대!

Have you ever participated in corporate training or planned an event yourself?🤔 If so, have you ever felt bored with the same location and setting for every training session? Truth be told, there are hardly any people who look forward to corporate training because it’s fun. However, recently, many companies have been receiving hot responses from their employees by conducting corporate training through the metaverse🔥

A notable example is Kyobo Bookstore’s ‘2022 Second Half Strategic Communication Week’. Thanks to the online corporate training conducted with ZEP, employee loyalty has improved, and effective corporate training was possible❗ Let’s take a closer look at how ZEP was utilized and what kind of corporate training was conducted, shall we?


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1️⃣ More Effective Corporate Promotion👍

우리 기업이 이런 사업들을 하고 있었구나! 하고 한눈에 정리해볼 수 있어요!

📚Here’s what our company does!

Kyobo Bookstore’s ‘2022 Second Half Strategic Communication Week’ is an example of enhancing corporate promotion using various strategies and promotional materials❗ As you can see in the picture above, each booth displays in detail what our company does, such as ‘Kyobo Bookstore Ambidextrous’, ‘New Content Business’, ‘Value Chain Expansion’. At each booth, strategic explanations about the company’s vision and goals were provided, along with promotional materials emphasizing the importance of the company. Through this, employees were able to clearly understand the direction of the company and engage more in their tasks. Moreover, by delivering information through various communication channels and using engaging promotional materials, the company succeeded in effectively conveying its value.

피크닉에 온것만 같은 기분이에요!

🍀 An engaging corporate training event that leaves no room for boredom!

Kyobo Bookstore aimed to provide employees with a new experience in this online corporate training event, not just by operating booths but also by setting up an outdoor lecture area. Just a few keyboard clicks, and you feel like you’re at a picnic in a beautifully arranged outdoor lecture space! Just like sitting on a picnic mat outdoors, pressing the X button on the keyboard allows you to sit your avatar down. If you’re too excited, pressing the number 0 lets you dance with colleagues! 🕺

This time, let’s focus on the screen in front of the outdoor lecture area! The screen is showing an ASMR video composed of various sounds you can hear in Kyobo Bookstore’s stores. From people walking, flipping book pages, to the sound of receipts printing, familiar sounds that employees hear while working are shown with actual scenes, capturing the viewers’ attention. 👁️👁️

Going on a picnic during corporate training, isn’t it a novel experience you haven’t had anywhere else? Indeed, many employees who participated in the event mentioned that the map and content of the event were so diverse that there was no room for boredom. 🤩

2️⃣ Easy and Free Participation✨

이렇게나 많은 인원들이 참여해도 걱정없어요!

👆 Just a few clicks for easy participation

When conducting face-to-face corporate training, managing a large number of participants is necessary. However, not only the financial burden💰 but also safety concerns can be worrisome. But if you conduct corporate training with ZEP, you can let go of those worries! As seen on the screen, even with many participants, just one click on the sent link allows easy access to the space. ZEP supports up to 50,000 concurrent users 👍

And with ZEP’s host feature ⚙️, organizers can directly control participants’ screen and audio activation, ensuring smooth event proceedings. You can send announcements to all participants 🗒️ and summon everyone to one space 📌 without the hassle of moving locations in reality!

온라인과 오프라인을 동시에 활용하여 시너지 효과를 낼 수도 있어요!

🎉 Operation of event booths leads to more active participation from employees!

One of the highlights of Kyobo Bookstore’s ‘2022 Second Half Strategic Communication Week’ was the charming camping-themed event booths! At these booths, employees could engage in various activities and games 🎲, enhancing team building and collaboration.

Since they move their own avatars, employees could easily talk and play games with colleagues they usually felt awkward around, resulting in highly active participation ⬆️ Especially at event booths with prizes, employees participated more actively than ever, creating a lively atmosphere throughout the event! 🤗

Not only in ZEP’s metaverse map but also in reality, a ‘Metaverse Live Meeting’ was held with authors like Lee Jae-eun, who wrote ‘The Magic of Living a 48-Hour Day’, and Lim Hong-taek, author of ‘The Coming of Age in the 1990s’. By utilizing both online and offline, the strengths of each were maximized.

3️⃣ Starting with ZEP Online Corporate Training, Ending with a Healthy Corporate Culture!🏢

LINE에서도 ZEP 에서 온라인 사내 교육 행사 를 성공적으로 개최했어요!

😍 A surge of camaraderie and company pride among employees!

Kyobo Bookstore’s event was more than just corporate training. It played a significant role in fostering communication and collaboration among employees and simultaneously creating a healthy corporate culture. In this process, employees could build rapport through various mini-games and activities in ZEP, sharing and celebrating the company’s achievements and goals, thus increasing company pride ♥️

Worried that communication is impossible in a virtual space like the metaverse?

Not at all! ZEP offers various reaction features ⚙️, allowing you to laugh, cry, clap with the press of number keys, and even poke each other for fun by pressing Z. Playing mini-games like 💩 ‘Dodge the Poop’, escape room games, and more can bring you even closer.

예쁘게 꾸며진 포토존에서 인증샷도 남길 수 있어요! 교보문고

🎞️ Corporate training that continues to be talked about!

Even after the event, stories about the corporate training conducted with ZEP continued among the employees. Tales about sitting at café☕ tables in the map, dancing together at the photo zone📷, discussing each other’s fashion👗 by changing avatar styles, and so on. Many felt bored and wondered if they really had to go through with traditional corporate training every time, but after participating in the event conducted with ZEP, everyone was filled with anticipation asking when the next corporate training would be because it was so much fun!

Get applause from your employees with a unique corporate training!👏

👍 An event where you can actively acquire information about the company by visiting booths!

🎉 Not just sitting and listening, but actively participating!

😍 Creating a healthy corporate culture with content that satisfies everyone!

Do you want to plan it too? Plan the next corporate training event to be actively fun and engaging for employees! ZEP is always ready to transform into the space you desire🫡

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