The secret to escaping the mundane and boring ‘safety education’ in elementary schools lies in ZEP!

For the safety of children, it is essential to conduct safety education!

Before going on vacation, schools conduct various safety education programs, such as traffic safety, personal safety, and infectious disease prevention, to prevent accidents and ensure the safety of students.

However, the pre-instruction on safety rules through lecture-style education or simple audio-visual education has only made children feel bored with safety education 😥

But safety education doesn’t have to be mundane and boring; exciting and fun safety education is possible! Through ZEP, it’s possible to conduct safety education more effectively 🙌

Let’s introduce the case of Bonghwang Elementary School, which conducted vivid safety education through ZEP!

1️⃣Experience safety education in the metaverse! Have a safe summer vacation!


You can enter directly through ZEP, and it’s designed with various maps to allow students who are about to start their summer vacation to learn about various accidents that can occur in summer and safety rules in a fun and extensive way!

The “Have a Safe Summer Vacation” metaverse experience hall introduces safety rules related to dehydration, heatstroke, and air conditioning sickness due to the heatwave, various safety accidents that can occur at home, items to prepare for the heatwave, types of accidents and improper behaviors that can occur at beaches and water parks, and safety rules at camping sites, so students can receive safety education to cope with various environments!

At the end, through summary quizzes and writing reflections, students had the opportunity to reflect on their habits and review the learning content once again.

At the end, through summary quizzes and writing reflections, students had the opportunity to reflect on their habits and review the learning content once again.

✅Vivid safety education possible

Even without visiting various places in person, it felt as if we were there, and the graphics felt even cooler than games, making us want to stay in the map with friends. Also, we learned many safety rules that we didn’t know before, so if we go swimming during the summer vacation, I think the knowledge we learned today will come to mind. It was a fun and useful time.

출처 전남교육

By conducting safety education through ZEP, there is an advantage of being able to conduct safety education more vividly!

Students of Bonghwang Elementary School visited various places within ZEP and conducted safety education suitable for each place.

By visiting places directly through avatars and learning safety education, they conducted more fun and realistic safety education.

✅More fun safety education possible through mini-games

While solving quizzes on the way home map, I realized that what I thought I knew was actually misinformation. It wasn’t like studying about safety, but experiencing it like a game, so it will likely remain in my memory for a long time.

출처 전남교육통

Safety education conducted through ZEP made it so that children did not feel bored with safety education through ZEP’s mini-games!

Because the education was conducted through experiencing games rather than simple lectures, children were able to remember the safety rules for a longer time. 🙌

If you are curious about running mini-games, please refer to the article below. Go directly to mini-game guide

3️⃣ZEP can catch both students’ interest and educational significance

Safety education currently relies mostly on video materials or printed materials for learning, but through vivid image elements and various quizzes, students were able to learn safety rules and greatly enjoyed participating. It was a great opportunity to catch both students’ interest and educational significance, and I hope metaverse experiences for students will become more active.

Teacher Imi Sun (Bonghwang Elementary)

Teacher Imi Sun (Bonghwang Elementary), who conducted the safety metaverse experience with students, mentioned that conducting safety education through ZEP in a vivid and fun way was meaningful as it captured both students’ interest and education!

Like the case of Bonghwang Elementary School, how about conducting your upcoming winter vacation safety education or other educations through ZEP?

Jeonnam Meta School, which conducted the safety education, has been creating various safety education experience halls following the metaverse experience with independence fighters in June and distributing them to the educational field in Jeonnam!

These experience halls serve as opportunities for children to experience various things beyond the limitations of reality, and can be diversely utilized in many classes!

Create excellent educational cases with ZEP that are fun and effective!

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