Want to Hit the Bullseye on Student Preferences?🏫 Zepmin’s Guide to the ZEP Mini Game Ideal Type World Cup🏆

🖐️ Hello, Zepmin?

만나서 반가워!

Hello! I’m Zepmin. I know everything there is to know about ZEP mini games😏 There’s a rumor that people keep calling me Jammin, but I live in ❗ZEP❗, so I’m Zepmin Make sure not to get confused when calling my name~

In mini games, there are a total of 10 types 🎮 Dodging poop, zombie game, OX quiz, Paintman, boxing (duel), Bombermans, running, Quiz! Golden Bell, escape room, rock-paper-scissors…

These are games that you won’t even realize how time flies when playing with friends!

하나만...? 그거... 어떻게 하는 건데...

But today, the teacher asked which game I would want to play if I could only choose one! It seems the teacher wants to introduce just one mini game into the classroom🤔

So today, through the Ideal Type World Cup, I want to tell the teacher which mini game a Zepmin like me prefers~

Oops, since rock-paper-scissors and OX quiz are basic games, I thought everyone would know them, so I’m starting from the semifinals!

ZEP Mini Game Ideal Type World Cup

| Semifinals |

Zombie Game 🆚 Paintman

🧟 Zombie Game 🧟

  • A game about surviving until the end while avoiding players turned zombies
  • Zombies infect other players by bumping into them
  • The last surviving player and the zombie that infects the most players win(MVP)

🖌️ Paintman 🖌️

  • Move your avatar to paint the floor of the map with your or your team’s color
  • The player (or team) that paints the most floor when the game time ends wins

Move your avatar to paint the floor of the map with your or your team’s color

The player (or team) that paints the most floor when the game time ends wins

The zombie game recommends 30 players, but Paintman needs 100?! 😲

And Paintman is more fun when playing on a large map and looking around the entire map But our classroom👩‍🏫 isn’t that big…

It seems Paintman would be more fun when there are a lot of people on a large map

My choice is…

Zombie Game!

Dodging Poop 🆚 Boxing (Duel)

💩 Dodging Poop 💩

  • A game where you avoid poop randomly falling from the top of the screen
  • Players hit by poop are eliminated and their character turns into a gravestone
  • As time passes, more poop falls faster, increasing the difficulty

🥊 Boxing (Duel) 🥊

  • Players attack each other with punches by pressing the Z key
  • Receiving attacks decreases HP above the head and elimination occurs at 0 HP
  • An area where movement is restricted starts to form from the outside of the map, and the restricted area expands over time

Both games are so much fun to play with friends, it’s hard to choose…😣

Ah, but in the classroom, I’d prefer to play a more peaceful game 🕊️ than one where friends hit each other!

In that case…

Dodging Poop!

Bombermans 🆚 Escape Room

💣 Bombermans 💣

  • A game where you pass a bomb that explodes when the countdown reaches 0 to other players
  • Normal players run away from the bomber, while the bomber passes the bomb by bumping into other players
  • When the bomb explodes, a new bomber is created, and this repeats until the last survivor emerges
  • An area where movement is restricted starts to form from the outside of the map, and the restricted area expands over time

🚪 Escape Room 🚪

  • Within a limited time, investigate objects and find clues to escape from a secret room
  • <Bongbong School Detective Team: The Missing Sky Class> story is provided as the base
  • Some deduction and association are needed

Escape rooms require quite a bit of time, but it’s a game I really like🤩

However, for the whole class to play together in the classroom, Bombermans might be better…🌬️

Escape Rooms may be complicated depending on the situation since it requires moving to a new space

But playing Escape Room with friends and deducing clues together 🔍 is also fun…

Still, for incorporating it into lessons in the classroom,


Running 🆚 Quiz! Golden Bell

👟 Running 👟

  • Announcement of final rankings after the 1st person reaches the finish line and a countdown
  • Free [Running Template Map] or following the Running Object
  • Usage Guide allows anyone to create their own running map

🔔 Quiz! Golden Bell 🔔

  • A quiz game where participants answer questions posed by the host
  • Survival-style quiz where answering correctly means you stay
  • Unlike OX quizzes, subjective answers can be entered

Both games seem like the teacher needs to read the guide in advance

Not difficult, but a guide is necessary for smooth progression~ 📚

I’m really looking forward to the quizzes the teacher will come up with?

While answering quizzes, others’ chats are hidden so cheating 🙅 can be prevented!

But since we can’t run in the actual classroom, why not run in ZEP instead…?

Thinking of it as a PE lesson,


| Semifinals |

Zombie Game 🆚 Bombermans

Now that we know all about the games, no need for explanations, right?

Both are games where you must avoid other players! 🫡

Bombermans ultimately has one winner, but in the Zombie Game, both regular players and the most infecting zombie can be winners

That makes it even better since friends who become zombies can still play enthusiastically😈

Zombie Game!

I’ll choose

Dodging Poop 🆚 Running

Ugh!😖 As expected, the semifinals are tough… 💦

I’m confident in real-life running, but I’ll have to try to know how it feels when my avatar runs

If I end up last, I might feel a bit sad..?

But with Dodging Poop…

The thought of poop raining in the classroom!

Just imagining it makes me laugh! 🤣

So this time,

Dodging Poop


Zombie Game 🆚 Dodging Poop

As expected, my favorite games have made it to the finals❗

This is going to be a tough battle… 🤨

In the Zombie Game, whether you’re a zombie or a player, it’s fun to play,

and in Dodging Poop, even though you become a gravestone when hit by poop, you can still move as a gravestone!

Gravestones can even jump, which is fascinating 🪦😯

And Zombie Game is for 3 or more players, but Dodging Poop can be played with just 2😉

The winner is…!

Dodging Poop!

Bear with me~ There’s just something irresistibly funny about poop💩!

Whether with 2 or 20 players,

you can have fun in a short amount of time, which I prefer 😏

🖐️ Zepmin, it was nice meeting you!

많이 신난 젭민이!
Excited Zepmin

Comparing them one by one to find my favorite mini game was so much fun 🤗

Besides Dodging Poop, Zombie Game, Paintman, Boxing (Duel), Bombermans, Running, Quiz! Golden Bell, and Escape Room introduced today, OX Quiz and Rock-Paper-Scissors are also great games!

These mini games are especially good for

1️⃣ Raising students’ concentration before class!

2️⃣ Refreshing in the middle of class with students!

3️⃣ Lightly wrapping up the day after class!

They are very versatile for use before, during, and after classes!

The quality of mini games🎮 provided by default in ZEP is amazing, so make sure to play them at least once!

Well then, goodbye! 🖐️

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