SSG’s innovative opening rush with ZEP, line up at home!

Opening rushes are common offline
such as department stores
and hypermarkets.

Now you can see the
first online opening rush in SSG.COM integrated marketing team

Opening rush ๐Ÿƒ
: The shopping culture of the MZ generation

‘Opening rush’ is a word used a lot
in relation to expensive luxury goods
sold in a limited quantity.

For the 2030 generation, it is becoming a culture.
Where it’s “slay” and scarcity value, there are 20s and 30s.
It includes food, bags, shoes, places, etc.

According to a survey of 1,000 adults
conducted by market research firm Trend Monitor,
47.4% of respondents said
they had experienced it.

Now you can tell, opening rush is now a culture!

An event with 190,000 participants
at a 10% cost compared to other events โœจ

How nice if you don’t have to wake up at dawn
and line up for half a day to do opening rush?

Shinsegae SSG planned ‘MetaverSSG opening rush‘ event
and successfully conducted it,
which could lead to the purchase of
first-come, first-served products through ZEP.

They succeeded in gathering a customer base
rather than the main customer base
at a cost of 10% compared to other events.

This MetaverSSG event was very effective
at a very low cost held by ZEP.

70% of the customers
who got the opportunity to buy
paid for the product

Participants are waiting to access ZEP
before the event starts.
The race opened at 10 a.m.

After the event opens,
participants start running,
and the purchase page will open
only for first-come, first-served people
who arrive quickly at the finish line.

They were allowed to purchase
Gentle Monster sunglasses, Undermycar, Korean beef,
lobsters, and shine muscats at low prices.

As a result,
70% of the successfully accessed participants
paid for the product!

Expand new customers by providing
customer experience-driven eventโœ…

The most notable performance is the expansion of new customers.

Because customers of are mainly 30s to 40s women,
and 20s to 40s men and 20s women have a relatively small proportion.

However, during the event,
the proportion of participating customers was high.
It means, this event fascinated
those who were not the main customers!

SSG held a total of three events in ZEP.
From two opening rush events
to eco-friendly campaign ‘Captain SSG’
that contains customer-experienced content,
they are also using ZEP in terms of ESG marketing.

SSG’s example can be helpful to the comprehensive shopping platforms
such as Amazon, eBay, and Taibao. ๐Ÿ˜Š

Do you want to achieve high performances
with customer experience-driven marketing?

Click the link below!

Another example of utilizing ZEP

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